Alleged drunk driver puts up a fight after high speed chase

(The address on embedded google image does NOT represent the incident location, it is only intended for reference purposes.)

According to Jersey City police reports, on August 10th a black male was speeding through Rutgers towards McAdoo in a black Bentley Continental. He swerved by Sgt. Broderick and officer Boamah cussing and yelling at them. “F*** you motherf******” He was driving at high speeds and the officers jumped in the car to stop the vehicle.

The driver sped down the stop signs on MLK heading towards Fulton and JFK. He then raced down several red traffic signals, as he turned left onto Morton he hit a car causing damage to both vehicles. He then tossed a bottle from his passenger side out the window then crushing it with his car. The police then pulled him over and he allegedly was bleeding from his head and lip behind the wheel also reeking off alcohol.

The police were able to remove the driver, Sharyf Higgins, from his vehicle but he did not give up without a fight. Higgins started to throw punches at both Broderick and Boamah until they finally restrained him and arrested him on the ground. Several units came to the crime scene. He was placed in  the back of a police cruiser and began kicking the driver’s side with his feet.

According to reports, around 2:00 am Sharyf was escorted to the medical center for his injuries. When asked to take a breathalyzer test he refused.

Eventually, after getting a warrant to get his BAC, medical staff was able to get a blood test. He was arrested on aggravated, resisting arrest and got a DWI charge as well.


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