Bayonne Administration to Restructure City Departments


(Bayonne, NJ) –Today, Mayor Jimmy Davis announced that the City of Bayonne will consider a measure that will restructure its municipal departments in an effort in increase efficiency in City operations.

Explaining this proposal, Mayor Jimmy Davis stated, “Right now we have four very large Departments. We’ve found that the last time restructuring occurred many of the Divisions were grouped together without any real consideration about how well they went together or how it would affect operations and internal accountability. I believe we can do better, and under the ordinance being proposed we would restructure things so that the City is run with five moderately-sized departments: Administration, Public Safety, Public Works, Finance, and Law.”

The major changes include abolishing the Department of Municipal Services in name, and the addition of the Departments of Finance and Law. Divisions formerly assigned to Municipal Services will be reassigned to the new or existing Departments without disruption to services.

“Under this plan, Divisions will be more appropriately grouped together. This change will create a cohesive atmosphere that helps the City better deliver services to residents and operate more efficiently,” Davis asserted.

In terms of the leadership of the newly established Departments, Mayor Davis announced he would be appointing John F. (Jay) Coffey, II as Director of the Department of Law, and Terrence Malloy as Director of the Department of Finance. Both Coffey and Malloy are currently City employees, serving as Corporation Counsel and Chief Financial Officer respectively.

Speaking to their qualifications, Mayor Davis stated, “Both Jay and Terrence have decades of experience and institutional knowledge that are invaluable to City operations. They have honorably served in these positions before, they have been key and model employees for the first year and a half of my term, and I have the utmost confidence in them and in their abilities.”

The proposed restructuring and Mayoral appointments save money as neither Coffey nor Malloy will receive salary increases in connection with their appointment. All other City Department head positions will remain unchanged with Joseph Demarco, Robert Kubert, and Gary Chmielewski the Directors Administration, Public Safety, and Public Works respectively.

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