davisd'angelo(Bayonne, NJ) – Mayor Jimmy Davis issued the following statement in connection with recent accusations by Bayonne Teachers’ Association (BTA) President Alan D’Angelo referencing “Union Busting:”

“It seems that Mr. D’Angelo’s mischaracterization of my intentions continues. As he encourages his membership to join in a march on City Hall he fails, or conveniently seems to forget, two simple truths:

First, my non-contractual proposal to have BTA membership move on their steps pursuant to the existing salary guide would put owed money in their pockets. Mr. D’Angelo and the BTA could then, of course, negotiate potential compensation above and beyond the guide. Movement on the guide establishes a floor as opposed to a ceiling in the ongoing negotiation process. This would not create an added burden on the Bayonne taxpayer because the funding for such movement is already in place. This is the kind of balanced interests that I ran on, and the type of thinking and approach that successfully allowed us to deliver a long-awaited contract last year.

Second, the City is truly not party to the formal negotiations that the Bayonne Board of Education engages in with its bargaining units. I ran on a platform of changing the School District to a Type II district. The people of Bayonne overwhelmingly agreed with this idea and voted to establish an elected school board independent of City Hall and City operations. Therefore, a march on City Hall, while I’m sure makes for a good headline, is just that… An attention grabbing tactic that is used to distract the membership of the BTA and the general public from the facts. Mr. D’Angelo’s efforts would be better spent pressing the newly elected School Board for a contract agreement, not City Hall.

As a former union member of over 25 years, I would suggest that Mr. D’Angelo seriously consider the negative impact his unilateral and inflammatory decision making has on his membership as a whole.

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  1. Linda Andreula via Facebook

    All of these Hudson county officials are extremely corrupt President Obama needs to send auditors from Washington DC to investigate all of their bank accounts including the Swiss and the ones in the Islands as well! The problem is he probably will not do that and we need it bad!

  2. Scott Corrigan via Facebook

    Every time You hear something about the teachers contract is that the president doesn’t want the deal! Seems he only knows how to say no, and every time he says no to offers just think about your taxes going up! I support teacher 100% but I know a lot of them that aren’t happy with him…

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