Bayonne Mayor Davis officially endorses Chiaravalloti-McKnight: Says they are the Best Choice for Bayonne

Mayor Jimmy Davis

BAYONNE –Mayor Jimmy Davis today officially threw his support behind the Assembly candidacy of Nicholas Chiaravalloti and Angela McKnight, saying they are the best choice for Bayonne and Hudson County residents.

“I have known Nicholas for a long time and leaders like Nicholas do not come around often,” said Mayor Jimmy Davis.  “And when they do, we need to do everything in our power to support them.”  “Angela McKnight is a proven advocate for seniors in Jersey City and will serve Bayonne well in Trenton.”

Davis, a newcomer to politics after his upset of former Mayor Mark Smith in last year’s municipal election, has begun implementing his vision for Bayonne. Davis acknowledges that “there is still much to be done and Bayonne needs a strong voice in Trenton to help make our vision a reality”.   He added, “I need partners in Trenton who will fight for Bayonne.”

 “Like Nicholas, Bayonne is a place where I was born and raised,” said Davis.  “He understands the needs of Bayonne and will fight to make sure Bayonne receives its fair share of education funding, and advocate for policies that make it easier for Bayonne to develop projects that create long-term jobs and tax ratables.”  Mayor Davis pointed to Chiaravalloti’s successful tenure as Executive Director of the Bayonne Local Redevelopment Authority.  “In the two years Nicholas managed the MOT project he negotiated multi-million dollar leases, the environmental cleanup of the site and the transfer from the Army for one dollar.  I think if he had stayed, we could have avoided these costly lawsuits and delays in development.”

Chiaravalloti stated,

“I am proud to have the support of Mayor Davis.  I know Jimmy is passionate about moving Bayonne in the right direction and I am committed to helping him in Trenton.”

He added, “I also feel fortunate to be running with Angela.  Her advocacy for seniors and children in Jersey City is well documented and I know we will make a great team.”

The primary for the General Assembly will take place on June 2nd.

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