Bayonne residents fight against new animal control contract

Crowds gathered outside city hall in Bayonne to protest the new contact between the city and New Jersey Animal Control and Rescue.

On November 10, the council unanimously voted to have NJACR takes over services previously provided by the Liberty Human Society. After the protest, people took to the meeting to voice their concerns about the company’s owner Geoff Santini.

Residents had many concerns including Mr. Santini’s previous treatment of animals with past contracts, and where the animals will be taken.

Paul Swibinski, who spoke on behalf of NJACR, assured those at the meeting that Mr. Santini was reputable and had the animals’ best interest at heart. However, many people were dissatisfied with Mr. Swibinski’s reassurance and left the meeting abruptly.

Council president Sharon Ashe-Nadrowski tried to ease tension by explaining “it is a contract and there are goals that they have to meet, and we will hold them to it.” Third Ward Council Member, Gary La Pelusa, recommended that they rescind the contract and try to work something else out.


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