Carmelo Garcia and attorney Zayas break down ‘ethnic cleansing’ lawsuit against Mayor Dawn Zimmer

Carmelo Garcia and attorney Zayas break down ‘ethnic cleansing’ lawsuit against Mayor Dawn Zimmer. Garcia maintains he did the right thing in tape recording his January lunch with Zimmer’s husband and attorney Bernie Kenny, with Zayas explaining how the recording acts as evidence for the case.


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      1. Amil

        The Hudson Reporter says Garcia requested the meeting.

        “In January, Garcia apparently invited Zimmer’s husband, Stan Grossbard, to lunch. During the meeting, Garcia asked Grossbard for advice on how to stop the housing board, controlled by the mayor’s allies, from opposing his decisions. What Grossbard didn’t know was that Garcia also taped the conversation. The tape came to light after it was cited in a July 18 deposition of Zimmer in an unrelated discrimination lawsuit being filed against the city by a former Hoboken public safety director. Both Garcia and the former public safety director are using the same attorney, Louis Zayas.”

  1. Park Ranger

    Carmelo and Attorney Zayas:
    1) Carmelo has a job and if he doesn’t produce he’s out!
    2) All Americans have opened their arms to minorities around the world to help better
    themselves including you two-guys.
    3) Where will these people live while constructions going on
    4) Why should the American Goverment give these people new housing when we
    have 50,000 homeowners in the street already from hurricane sandy.
    5) Who will be responsible for these legal payments, because us taxpayers
    from Hoboken N.J. will sue Carmelo for wasting our time!
    6) Advise to Carmelo: Check into a re-hab and blame it on the drugs!

    1. hobokenpony

      Carmelo is one of the few minorities who have a saying in Hoboken.. Do we have minorities representing on the other boards? if so, please tell me I would like to know if Zimmer is for everyone or only for the white professionals?

      1. Roger A

        Utterly stupid but this is obviously political garbage. One of the most senior Director roles in City Hall is held by an African American in the important job of finance.

        Mayor Zimmer supported Jeanne Rodriguez to the HHA board.

  2. Du Lo

    This Garcia character seems pretty shaddy. He is now suing Hoboken because he feels his “people” cannot afford housing? I am sorry Mr. Garcia, but the town is bustling, business is good and if your people cannot afford housing, that is no ones fault. Stop playing the victim card and try to complete a little bit.

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