Carmelo Garcia says Dawn Zimmer tried to give Hoboken an ‘ethnic cleansing’ in lawsuit

Carmelo Garcia says Dawn Zimmer tried to give Hoboken an ‘ethnic cleansing’ in lawsuit. The suit, filed on August 12, accused Zimmer of racism, political patronage and intimidation tactics. Zimmer responded saying the claims were untrue.

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  1. The Hoboken Panther

    Well what can you expect? Zimmer is doing the same thing than Bloomberg does. Pushing minorities farther and farther away. The whole cleansing started back in the 80’s. I remember when Hoboken used to have a large Puerto Rican community but you don’t see that anymore. Lots of fires all over the place. Shame on you Zimmer! We need more minorities in Hoboken.

    1. Da Horsey, SmartyJones

      Show one similarity to the Bloomberg plan and ANY Zimmer plan. Mayor Zimmer has nothing to do with what Hoboken did to its neighbors burning them out to redevelop buildings.

      That was an utter disgrace made worse by the zero arrests and the FBI being blocked from investigating.

      If you want more minorities in moderate income housing, look into Church Towers, Marine View, Clock Towers and find out why they can’t get in as one HHA resident said at a City Council meeting there.

      You can’t blame Mayor Zimmer for any of that. You may want to go speak to Michael and Ma Russo and Terry Castellano though. See what they do for you.

  2. Marietta V.

    Carmelo is one of the most charismatic guys I have ever met. He is from the projects and most people from the projects love him. He is truly a gentleman and advocates for the rights of the minorities. I have attended to many of the housing meetings and I have never seen Zimmer there. If she is so concerned about the minorities of Hoboken, she surely knows how to show it.

  3. smartyjones1

    Okay, so are we just repeating allegations or taking a second to do some critical thinking? For one, where is the “ethnic cleansing” in Zimmer Vision 20/20 plan? Perhaps you can ask Carmelo Garcia to give it to you if the mayor’s office doesn’t have one handy?

    Since it doesn’t exist and there is only a letter by the mayor commenting on the vaguely promoted Vision 20/20 brochure (posted by MSV and linked today on Grafix Avenger) you may have a difficult time proving a major contention of Garcia’s lawsuit.

    That’s just for starters.

    The mayor’s letter talked about protecting people early May:

    The mayor wrote in part: “Affordable housing must go to those… based on income needs.”
    She wrote of repeated complaints about this NOT happening in the HHA.

    See more on all this and how Carmelo Garcia threw Ruben Ramos under the proverbial bus:

    Btw, sociopaths are renown for their “charisma” but it only is a tool for pathological lying and scumbaggery.

    No one would call issuing eviction notices to HHA residents for voicing opinion being a “gentleman.”

    Think about it.

  4. johanna P.

    all I see in the hobokenhorse is just an opinion, it looks just like a blog set up to take only one side of the story. No credibility when it isn’t neutral. Save your comments Hoboken Horse. Just opinions in your part and that is it. It is what it is.

    1. Mad Max

      Hoboken Horse has legit news, sometimes even exclusive content, but Roman loses all credibility when he takes Zimmer’s side in every single situation. Having said that, I doubt this lawsuit goes anywhere. Seriously doubt there is any hard evidence for any of the allegations, even if Carmleo has a couple audio tapes.

    2. Da Horsey, SmartyJones

      The readers can differentiate quite well among the tens of thousands of visitors monthly what is news, a feature, an editorial opinion.

      I don’t take anyone’s side. I take the side of Hoboken and what I see in the epidemic of corruption if it’s not opposed at every turn.

      On the main page now is various stories, some exclusive, breaking with unedited releases from the Ruben Ramos campaign.

      MSV has the law suit and is looking to get the (doctored) transcript and Carmelo Garcia Watergate Tapes, well we’ll get what is legally available not what’s in his library.

      All of it will be made available to the public with no editorial interruption. 🙂

      Da Horsey, SmartyJones
      The Hudson Mile Square View

      Hoboken’s best site for government, politics and corruption.

  5. Goodbye_Carmelo

    So Garcia accuses the Mayor and her husband of a war crime and expects people to take him seriously?

    If these allegations are dismissed I don’t see how Garcia retains his job as HHA Director. And Garcia’s habit of taping meetings will make him a pariah if he makes it to the State Assembly.

    1. Da Horsey, SmartyJones

      Who won the last time when Carmelo Garcia sided with reducing Applied Housing’s moderate income housing from 90% to 30%? Source – NY Times

      Did the Hispanics win who lived there?

      Who do you think will win if Carmelo Garcia gets to cash in on Vision 20/20 re: Vision Money/Money. I can assure you once again it won’t be “the hispanics” as you say.

  6. Maribel G.

    Hey Horsey, just checked out your website, but Johanna is right.. completely one sided. All I see is Carmelo, Occhipinti, Mason, Gonzales and Ruben are wrong, which leads me to believe that in your opinion Zimmer is your hero. Question for you; Is Zimmer the best thing that has happened to Hoboken in your opinion?

    1. Da Horsey, SmartyJones

      Apparently you guys have trouble with reading comprehension. I printed Ruben Ramos’ releases in total with NO comment whatsoever.

      Are you not capable of reading and comprehending that for yourself?

      Do I get a star for that Maribel?

      If you want me to say anything good about certain corruptocrat Hoboken Sopronos, I won’t.
      My website is anti-corruption, it’s not about any individual.

      The mayor’s record speaks for itself. You want to talk issues or cult of personality politics?
      That’s pretty boring and I don’t have much interest in empty rhetoric – by anyone.

  7. LadyRavenhaire

    Is this a bad joke? Wasn’t it Garcia that helped ethnically cleansed Applied Housing of Hispanics by having tenants sign a petition that lead to affordable housing being dropped from 90% to 20%? Isn’t this what you’re planning to do with the Hoboken Projects once again? After all, everyone knows once the HHA is turned over to private developers, they are no longer guaranteed housing under the HUD mandates? Fool us once shame on you! Fool us twice shame on us! We don’t plan to be fooled twice!!!

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