Crossing guard struck during two-car crash in Harrison

IMG_1405HARRISON – On Tuesday morning, a Harrison crossing guard was struck near the intersection of Hamilton St. and Davis Ave. after a vehicle allegedly ran a red light and hit another vehicle which caused it to spin out of control, officials said.

According to the police report:

A black Lexus, driven by a North Arlington resident, was traveling west on Hamilton St. when it approached the intersection and was struck by a silver Chevy truck.

The driver of the silver truck, a Harrison resident, stated that while she was traveling south on Davis Ave and approaching the intersection, the black Lexus allegedly failed to observe the traffic light and struck the vehicle.

The impact caused the truck to spin out of control and when it veered into the south-west corner of the intersection, it struck the crossing guard. The vehicle then hit a stanchion pole on the sidewalk.

The crossing guard suffered severe injuries and was transported to the hospital by Harrison Fire Department. It was later learned that the crossing guard had to get surgery due to a ruptured spleen and fractured hip, as a result of the crash.

The driver of the silver Chevy also transported to the hospital for injuries to her right shoulder and right leg.

Another crossing guard who was present at the time of the accident told police that the crossing guard that was struck had just completed crossing pedestrians and was waiting for the light to turn green when she was hit. They stated that the Chevy was traveling fast but that the Lexus ran the red light, according to the police report.

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