Governor Christie targets Sacco over NJ Comptroller’s report

Governor Christie targets Sacco over NJ Comptroller’s report. Governor Christie takes time during a campaign stop yesterday to address the report issued by NJ State Comptroller Matt Boxer on the legal practices in towns like North Bergen and others.
During his address to the media, Governor Christie targets State Senator/Mayor Nick Sacco over the finding in the reports, multiple office holdings, and North Bergen’s response to this report. During the past year, Governor Christie has used numerous town meetings to personally single out Sacco in relation to his ethics reform package that has been stalled in the NJ State Legislature.

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  1. Sounds4theInfowar

    New Jersey’s long-term debt grew by $6 billion in fiscal 2012. It also rose by 3.1% under Christie in the fiscal year prior.RESEARCH IT

  2. Jb

    Gov worry about property taxes n the conditions of he state . The way you handle the finances with union city you should be the last 1 to talk. You want to worry about nb give us our fair share of funding. I guess your not happy with stack n Sacco making mends?

  3. Jessica Santos

    They used to fix up and update peoples houses to bribe their votes. i was promised a nice job in the town when i helped with campaigning many years ago, they they tried to offer me a job cleaning toilets. i moved from N.B. and will never move back.

  4. happyface1497

    Wtf is this guy talking about..hes just talkin about himself. Even thou north bergen may not be the best place he cant go around and talk about a mayor when hes a govenor doing nothing

  5. Jay Kako

    Screw both of these politicians. However, as a resident of NB for sometime, Incan totally agree with Christie for one point . The abuse of power and corruption goes way beyond the mayors office. You have the athletic director and a coach, Ralphie Marino (who was extremely loved mind you ) connected with the Genovese crime family. Next, you have , the athletics department again for the high school, giving a home to an out of town football player. After they won the championship, coach kicked him

  6. Jay Kako

    Ugh my comment got erased. I wish the corruption would end and north Bergen was a little more of a happier place – similar to the 90s. Sucks but it’s being driven into the ground .

  7. Mysterious_S

    more of the tax should go to our SCHOOLS in north bergen because they are a bit too low on money, they literally had a shortage of the printing paper in one of the schools and they had to use either any extras of colored paper, and 5 by 10 paper, and that went on for a couple of months.

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  10. TheJoseef17

    It’s true what Christie is talking about. Sacco has only his people working for him. Everything goes his way, and with every decision he is making, he is bringing north bergen down. Look at west side ave and tonnelle ave. Sacco spent so much money there for a job that was horribly done and is still being horribly done. I speak for all north bergen residents when I say “north bergen used to be a better place before Sacco came”

  11. Bradley Jeremy L.

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    Christie, just remember your own words the next time you use a state helicopter to get your lazy fat fucking ass to your sons piece of shit ball game 🙂

  13. mohotescu angel

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  14. Paolo Bice

    I dare Governor Christie insult my friend Nick Sacco. I dare him. Nick Sacco has dedicated his whole life to our community without ever thinking selfishly of himself. Never. If only more of our leaders were like Nick Sacco. Thank you Nick Sacco for all you do for us every day. Thank you.

  15. adeelin ghimpila

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  16. ftwbk

    the cost of the chooper ride was a couple of grand and he wasn’t only using it to go to his son’s game. he had been using it throughout the day. also, if he had driven to the game he would have still used state provided transport which has a price. however, sacco is making more $ than the governor which doesn’t seem right. is his job more difficult or time consuming than being governor?

  17. Madhukar Kuswar

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  18. Hudson who

    That whole Zoning Board should be in jail. Most unprofessional idiots in the State of NJ. Sit in on one meeting and see for yourself. So glad the FEDS are looking into them and some are finally cooperating.

  19. North Woods

    You have no clue to what’s been going on up there. Talk to Detective Sissman from the State Police. The former Chief was scamming 6-8 grand a month from no-show off duty work, and where’d the investigation go? NO WHERE! How about the $212,000 stolen by a Captain and others from a motel?

  20. NB Resident

    Former Chief also helped out somebody’s son on a DUI accident,also the 212,000 and the
    actors were never brought into headquarters and the trail just kind of sailed away!!!

  21. dany saade

    There is a lady she work with the mayor in north bergen she always come to
    my parents house and let them vote to what ever she want and lately she let
    them sign a letter about sacco , nb, my parent doesnt read english she use
    them , and that realy bad

  22. IblewuponyourfaceIII

    Mayor Nicholas Sacco has been the Mayor of North Bergen since 1991, State
    Senator of District 32 since 1994 & he is the assistant superintendent of
    schools LOL not to mention the other jobs he has given himself. This guy’s
    salary is over 300K a year on the tax payers dime not to mention the 200K
    pension he’ll get when he retires. Countless of people in his
    administration have been found guilty of corruption. This guy is corrupt as
    they come. It’s shameful this guy is in those positions.

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