Harrison pedestrian placed in a “choke hold” and robbed on Bergen St.

(The address on embedded google image does NOT represent the incident location, it is only intended for reference purposes.)

HARRISON – According to officials, a 25-year-old Harrison resident was robbed of his iPhone and $10 cash on Thursday while walking on Bergen St.

According to the police report, at around 10:00 p.m. on April 23rd, the victim was walking home from the Quick Check on Bergen St. when he heard someone running towards him from behind. Before he could turn around, the unknown male put his arms around the victim’s neck from behind, similar to a “choke hold,” and stated “Give me everything,” the police report says.

When the male opened the victim’s wallet, he took $10 and asked the victim, “That’s it?” That’s when the victim turned over his 32G Apple iPhone 4. The male then released the victim and said,

“Don’t turn around or I’ll shoot you, now go,” according to the police report.

The victim quickly proceeded to his home which was nearby and the male fled in an unknown direction.

Almost an hour later, at around 10:51 p.m., the victim walked into police headquarters and informed them of the alleged robbery. He told officials he was not hurt and wasn’t being held very hard by the suspect. He refused medical attention stating, “I never lost consciousness and could breathe perfectly,” according to the police report. He told officials he never saw a gun or weapon of any sorts and did not feel or see the suspect reach for anything in his waistband. The victim continued to tell police, “It happened fast and I couldn’t see his face at all,” the police report says.The victim did not have a way to track his phone, such as the “Find my iPhone” app.

Harrison Police are currently investigating this incident.

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