Harrison Police searching for suspects in armed robbery at China Wok Restaurant

(The address on embedded google image does NOT represent the incident location, it is only intended for reference purposes.)

HARRISON – Police are searching for two suspects involved in an armed robbery that occurred at China Wok on Harrison Ave., according to officials.

On March 21st at around 9:35 p.m. officers were dispatched to China Wok, located at 227 Harrison Ave. on report of an armed robbery. Upon arriving, police were notified that the suspects had already fled west on Harrison Ave. and were on 2nd St.

According to police reports. police met with the caller who stated that the restaurant been robbed by two black males, between 40-50 years of age, who brandished a hand gun. The information was broadcasted to officials who were searching for the suspects. The male caller told police that he was making a delivery when the armed robbery occurred at the restaurant and he was called to return. The two female victims were watching the restaurant and wanted him to return before calling the police. He advised police that the robbery had occurred 10-15 minutes prior to their arrival.

The victims were able to confirm the description of the suspects as two black males approximately 40 years of age and roughly 6 feel tall. They claimed that the males walked in and ordered chicken wings but before the wings were finished, one male pulled out a silver automatic hand gun. He allegedly pointed the handgun at the victim, ordered her to be quite, and demanded all the money. She stated that as she opened the cash register the second male walked around the counter and grabbed the register drawer from the register. He emptied the drawer, dropping it on the counter and fled out the door with $300. The second victim then walked out from the kitchen and the male pointed the gun at her telling her to go back in the kitchen. He reached over the counter and grabbed a white Apple iPad 2, valued at $599, that was next to the register and fled out the door. The victim followed the suspects out the door and watched them get into a small black car that had been waiting at the bus stop, in front of Economy Hardware, located at 206 Harrison Ave. The car sped off and turned the corner fleeing North on 2nd St.

China Wok did not have surveillance cameras in the store but a nearby business had cameras outside and police were able to review the footage. They witnessed the suspects cross the street from China Town Restaurant and enter China Wok after the suspect wearing a grey sweatshirt pulls up the hood to discrete his face. About a minute and a half later the suspects flee China Wok and run towards Economy hardware.

“Unfortunately, the video we had was at night, facing a lighted source and very grainy,” Detective Doyle of Harrison Police stated.

(The address on embedded google image does NOT represent the incident location, it is only intended for reference purposes.)

Officers canvassed the area in search of the suspects and checked on other nearby businesses. One business owner stated that they saw the two men looking into their windows prior to the incident. Another owner stated that they saw the men get into the waiting car.

Police are now searching for the suspects;

A black male approximately 40 years old, wearing a black jacket and black colored cap. He is about six feet tall and showed the hand gun.

A black male approximately 40 years old, wearing a grey colored hooded sweat shirt . He was also about six feet tall and had a beard.

If you have any information contact the Harrison Police Department at (973) 483-4100.


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