High Number of MVA and Injuries Reported in Hudson County after Black Ice Storm

Scary video of a truck trailer out of control on the NJ Turnpike

Police departments in Hudson County were swamped with service calls due to the black ice storm. Here are numbers shown in three different towns of Hudson County:

North Bergen received over 300 service calls and 34 EMS calls on Sunday, all relating to the icy 

conditions. A total of 100 MVA (motor vehicle accidents) were reported.

Union City reported 41 MVA without injuries and 2 with injuries. We will update you with more 

information on these injuries once available. 

Kearny received 38 calls reporting MVA and pedestrians falling and Harrison reported 4 MVA.

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Reference: Hudson County TV (2014, January 10). Black Ice Storm caused over 400 accidents in NJ. Retrieved from http://hudsoncountytv.com/black-ice-storm-caused-over-400-accidents-in-nj/

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