Hoboken Man arrested for multiple burglaries in various parts of the City

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After conducting an investigation of several burglaries in the city, Hoboken Detectives worked tirelessly to find a suspect by canvassing areas and following their leads. Their efforts led to arrest Mr. Donald Seickendick a 51-year-old male from Hoboken. Mr. Seickendick was arrested, processed and remanded to Hudson County Jail for this incident, he was subsequently released after bail was posted.

In addition, other investigative leads and canvassing of other areas led the detectives to the same suspect on another burglary.

Yesterday morning, Detective Kucz was able to see the defendant leave his residence and was placed under arrest. According to Hoboken Police, Mr Seickendick confessed of another (7) additional burglaries he had committed throughout the city in a 2 month period. He was then processed on those incidents as well.

Defendant was remanded again to the Hudson County Jail on a total of $120,000 bail with a 10% option.

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