Hoboken Police provides helpful tips to prevent household burglaries

hobokenpdHOBOKEN – The summer months are approaching and with that, comes that well deserved vacation we all look forward to taking. Unfortunately, we are not the only ones who look forward to that vacation, burglars are also aware of when we go away. No one likes coming home to a pushed in air conditioner or damaged entryway only to find that your valuables are missing.

The Hoboken Police Department would like to give citizens some helpful tips to prevent those break-ins. When planning a vacation, do not post it on social media, burglars have access to computers and can see when you will be away. Always have a friend, neighbor, or family member do periodic checks of your home to make sure all is well. Those who have first floor window air conditioners should make sure to secure it properly with screws or boards o that it can’t be pushed in. You can find many tips over the internet on the best ways to secure it. Research what is best of your window type. Always keep expensive valuables inside a safe at a secure location.

The windows that are located in apartments that are higher are not immune. They are easily accessible through the fire escape and can be breeched. There are many tools available to help secure the windows, most of which are inexpensive, such as a window guard. Also, do not allow mail or packages to build up, make sure they are left at a secure drop off location. The post office can also hold all mail and packages until you return. You may also have delivery services such as UPS or Fed Ex delivery at a later date or hold as well.

These measures are not guaranteed to stop someone from entering your home but the more preventive measures you take, the less of a chance you have of becoming a victim. Finally, if anyone sees a stranger inside or near a residence call the Police immediately at (201) 420-2100 or 911.

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