Homeless Jersey City man stabbed after dispute

A homeless Jersey City man was stabbed in the neck Friday morning.

Officers went to 94 South St. to see if there was a possible crime scene. There they discovered a blood trail from 92 South St. to 98 South St., but were unable to locate the knife that was used.

According to the homeless victim, Juan Lopez, he was at 94 South St. on the second floor with a light skinned skinny male about 5’5″- 5’7″named Jeraldo,

He says he and Jeraldo got into an argument in the kitcken and it escalated outside in front of the residence. Then Jeraldo pulled out a knife and stabbed Lopez on the left side of his neck.

After the stabbing, Lopez was able to walk to the North District at 282 Central Avenue to report the incident.

The victim was transported to Jersey City Medical Center.

Officers were unable to interview Lopez because he was heavily sedated. They will follow up in the morning.

Doctors say Lopez’s injury was non-life threatening.

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