(Hudson County, NJ) –Sheriff Frank X. Schillari announced today that law enforcement officers from the Hudson County Sheriff’s Office will be cracking down on unbuckled motorists and passengers as part of the national “Click it or Ticket” campaign.

Beginning on May 18 and running through May 31, the annual initiative will include high visibility law enforcement seat belt checkpoints and additional patrols, as well as local and national publicity designed to ensure that drivers and passengers recognize the life-saving value of seat belts.

“Wearing a seat belt is the simplest way for a driver and his or her passenger to protect themselves while traveling in a vehicle,” said Sheriff Frank Schillari. 

“Seatbelts saved an estimated 12,000 people last year.”

The front seat belt usage rate in New Jersey currently stands at 87.59%. The Sheriff noted that the goal for this year’s campaign is to increase the statewide rate to 90%.

“To meet that goal, we will rededicate our enforcement and public outreach efforts to educate all motor vehicle occupants about the importance of buckling up, every ride,” Schillari added.

Extra Sheriff’s Patrols, paid for with Federal Grant Money, will be patrolling the County Highways, Roads and Parks, even during night time hours.

During the 2014 “Click it or Ticket” campaign, 374 police agencies participated in the two-week initiative. As a result of the effort, law enforcement officers issued 26,635 seat belt citations, 4,363 speeding summons and made 944 drunk driving arrests.

Sheriff Schillari added, “Please Buckle up, it can save your life or someone you love who is driving with you. We respond to too many serious and fatal crashes where seatbelts could have made a difference.”

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  1. Tage M. Hall via Facebook

    If They’re REALLY Concerned for My Safety … Pull Me Over and ADVISE Me of Any Danger … DON’t Just Try to Commandeer My Hard Earned Fucking Money … THAT Shows Absolutely ZERO Concern for My Well Being … and Only Increases My Stress Level …

  2. Joel Javan via Facebook

    Thanks for all the yellow line tickets at 80th park!!!! Lame pricks…and all the new road signs…A new no turn on red on Blvd East…30 years of driving thru there all the sudden it’s dangerous to make a right??? It’s the safest right turn in the county!!!! Damn douche bags!!!! $$$$$ MONEY Grab$$$$$$ filling the quota!!!!!

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