Jersey City man found face down in pool of blood in critical condition

(The address on embedded google image does NOT represent the incident location, it is only intended for reference purposes.)

JERSEY CITY – A resident was rushed to Jersey City Medical center after he was found covered in blood and motionless in the area of Tonelle Ave and Kennedy Blvd, officials said.

According to police reports, on April 4th at around 3:45 a.m. officers were dispatched to the area of Kennedy Blvd and Tonnelle ave on report of a man down. Upon arrival, they found the individual lying face down motionless on the corner of Van Reipen and Tonnelle Ave with blood covering his face. His black mountain style bike was lying on the ground a couple of feet away with no damage to it.

A citizen approached officials and stated that he may possibly know the individual laying in the street. A school ID card revealed that the victim went to NYIT and the that the citizen was a fellow student. The citizen knew the vicinity of where the victim lived and police were able to notify the victim’s roommate of the incident.

The victim was transported to Jersey City Medical Center where he sustained significant trauma to the head. He was later transported to the ICU unit.

The victim is from India with no family currently living in the United States.

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  1. Jason Rios via Facebook

    Jersey City is a shit hole. It sucks that i have to drive through it to make a living. That parcel of land should be given back to nature. Im serious.

  2. Erica Dawn Fahrenholz via Facebook

    How about the crimes that aren’t reported by the media? How about the guy who had one of his ears bitten off and the other cut off during a drug deal gone bad the other night? Yes, Jersey City is out of control and more so in certain areas.

  3. Susan Rivera via Facebook

    Geeze talk about hyperbolic – Nothing is out of control. JC is actually pretty cool and of course there is crime but NOT out of control.

  4. John Matesic via Facebook

    Pretty funny to read comments from people in towns like Harrison, Bayonne, Union City. Jersey City is on the Hudson River, has tons of million dollar brownstones, and is home to large companies such as Goldman Sachs, BofA, JP Morgan…but if you’re one of the people commenting you probably don’t know who those companies are.

  5. Nelson Morales III via Facebook

    Too funny!!! The majority of the negative comments come from people who don’t even live in JC. JC is set to out grow Newark and with any bustling city there will be some crime. I have been all over this country and the E.U. Believe me, there are places that are way way worst than JC. Overall, crime in the U.S. hasn’t gone up significantly, statistics show that it has actually lowered compared to the 90s. But hey, some people are scared of their own shadow so a report here and there will have those kind of folks shaking in their boots. Lmfao

  6. Jeffrey Mayor Alvarez via Facebook

    Nelson Morales III I will put up any amount of money that 90 percent of these faggots making all these bullshit comments won’t come to the hood in JC and talk that shit. Pussys wouldn’t last one sec in the real world There’s crime everywhere you idiots even in good areas. Bunch of fucking Internet tough guys.

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