Jury votes in favor of former WNY Mayor Sal Vega in Bergen County Superior Court

Jury votes in favor of former WNY Mayor Sal Vega in Bergen County Superior Court. Plaintiff Ricardo Zumudia alleged he needed surgery and wanted Vega to cover the bills following a car accident with Vega in September 2009. However, the jury ruled their wasn’t enough evidence to substantiate the claim.

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  1. Erica

    I agree with the previous comment! I hope he won’t get elected because this guy is much worse than Roque for sure. And by the way, why is he blaming roque for this thing dragging for so long? He was the Mayor for two years following his car accident. Why did he not solve the matter during that time frame?

    1. Some who knows Erica

      Erica shut up already! this entire page is just filled with your dumb comments! Obviously you are a Roque ass licker! & you too Steve Q

  2. frank

    Erica sorry to have to keep disagreeing with you,I’m not no fan of Sal Vega for Mayor as I feel he had his chance and he failed but no way no how was he worst than Roque,at least Sal had respect for the people of WNY.Roque is actually making Sal look like a saint.One brief example Roque asked Vega to hold a meeting at the middle school so that the meeting could accommodate the overwhelming amount of residents that wanted to attend this particular meeting and Sal respected the residents enough and changed the meeting to the middle school but when it came time for Roque to cross the same bridge he not only denied the request of the people he also filled the meeting with about 30 children so that all the residents and business owners could not fit inside the court room….Open your eyes Erica this guys not worth going to jail for,run Forest run…

  3. The Raven

    I Have Lived In WNY My Entire Life And I Can Def Tell You Sal Vega Was Worse For WNY. Not Only Did He Raise My Property Taxes So He Could Wayne Cook a Nice 180K Job, Is It Amazing Only The Superintendent Of Schools John Fauta Was The Only Person That Made More Money Than Cook Is Rediculous. Sal Vega Was Never In Memorila HS After He Became Mayor. Showed Up Drunk To Countless Memorial Sporting Events, My Fav Was When He Was Walking BareFoot At The Hoboken Football Game. He Was a Disgrace As Memorial AD. Myra Berckes Would Do Everything While He Was At City Hall Getting His Nice 100k Salary While He Wasnt At His Job. Roque Hasn’t Done A Good Job, But Sal Vega Is By Far The Worst Mayor WNY Has Ever Had, Hopefully He Will Move To Tennesssee And Leave The WNY People Who Voted Him Out In Peace.

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