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  1. Melissa Campo via Facebook

    It doesn’t matter WHERE he is from, it matters that he hit and left 2 kids for dead….heartless and cruel, I hope he gets life in prison and becomes someones bitch.

  2. Gail Harvey via Facebook

    I don’t understand why there is bail in the first place, just because it’s 500 thousand doesn’t mean anything and so what he surrendered his papers he’s a flight risk should’ve been bail denied!!! They can get a whole crew of em and raise that kind of money faster than we working people can that’s for sure! You watch he’s gonna post bail and flee. Those kids are dead and he’s going back to his shit ass country!

  3. Elena Orozco via Facebook

    That judge is a fucking idiot!!! What papers is he gonna surrender he has NO papers he’s here illegally!! To all you ignorant fucks who r berating this man on his nationality how bout u stick to the fact he is a murderer it doesn’t matter WHERE he’s from!!!

  4. Anthony Bags via Facebook

    Yea because “jail/prison” in the US justice system is the answer. You do understand it cost $54,865 per inmate in New Jersey right. Guess who pays that? YOU!! Housing, clothing, food, education, and health insurance. meanwhile all of your legal family members struggle to survive.

  5. Alfred Varela via Facebook

    Is funny that people only focus on so called Wet backs Latinos. What about Asian and European people who are illegal ? Funny too that when they go to another countries they look like idiots looking for people who speaks their language. Is always bad apples on every bag…..

  6. Nonya Biznass

    A lot of ignorance goin on here. The victims were very close friends’ with my brother, but I assure you, hatred and ignorance is not the answer…

    Yes he deserves to get whatever he gets, but to have cheerleaders on the sideline screaming racial slurs, and “murder him” is just ignorant. And it will not make the situation better.

    Also a lil FYI, I’m definite that majority of the victims friends and family are Hispanic or Latin, like myself, so throwing Hispanic slurs around might be just a lil offensive.

    An act of ignorance doesn’t make u any better of a person than this killer.

  7. Nonya Biznass

    Hey Gail, you’re honestly not focused on anything but causing hatred…..

    Twice on these comments, you’ve mentioned “killed THESE kids”…
    FIRST off it was ONE YOUNG ADULT, NOT KID! And a lil FYI, since obviously you’re so focused, you haven’t a clue of what’s going on….His young brother, who u claimed dead, ACTUALLY survived, because this young man who passed (Michael), saved his brother’s life.

    Not saying that that changes a damn thing. But if you’re gonna argue and fight, have your facts correct.

    Otherwise, it makes you look very ignorant, when you’re just spewing things out your mouth, or on keyboard, that don’t make sense, or there isn’t truth to what you’re saying.

    His brother is doing a lot better, tho still in rehab, and to “label” him as dead, is down right ignorant!

    In your mind, you might find yourself compassionate just because u have these hateful feelings, and wrong facts, but I assure u, empathy, and compassion is something most of you, on here, lack..

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