Police arrest Harrison man on terroristic threat charges after parking dispute in Hoboken

HOBOKEN – A Harrison man was arrested after a dispute occurred when a Hoboken resident called police because his vehicle was parked to close to his without a resident sticker.

On March 10th at approximately 1:10 p.m., Officer Marsi was dispatched to 8th and Bloomfield St. on report of a dispute, according to officials. Upon arrival, Officer Marsi met with a victim who identified as a nearby resident and told police that at around 12:30 p.m., he noticed a vehicle back within inches of his vehicle even though there was “two to three car lengths of open space in front of the parking vehicle,” according to police reports.

The victim stated that he came out of his house and asked the man if he would be able to move his car up so that it wasn’t so close to his car’s bumper. The man then stated, “don’t worry about it, i’ll be back in twenty minutes,” according to police reports.  When the men left the scene, the victim contacted Hoboken Parking Utility to report that the man was parked on the resident side of the street without a permit. The parking authority responded and issued the appropriate summons.

When the man returned to see a ticket on his car, he rang the victim’s doorbell and asked if he had called the parking utility. When the victim replied yes, the man allegedly grabbed the victim and began screaming expletives in his face. The victim managed to break free and slam the door and the man fled the scene. Officer Marsi was advised that the man was currently at the parking utility disputing the summons. Officer Miller and Santiago responded to the parking utility.

Joseph Lawler, 51, of Harrison was placed under arrest on terroristic threat charges and transported to headquarters for processing. Lawler was later released on summons with a court date.

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