Port Authority Police more concerned with ticketing motorists than addressing other issues

Port Authority Police more concerned with ticketing motorists than addressing other issues. Hudson County residents are made aware of a nuisance perpetuated by the Port Authority Police in Weehawken.

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  1. duane howard

    Stop driving like a dick, than you will not have to worry about getting tickets .I bet that’s why your wasting your time on you tube bitching. Try using your time better, and leave the cops alone.

  2. gspot80

    ok so let me get this straight, if they just let people speed and do whatever they want you would be the first to complain that the police weren’t doing anything to enforce the speed limit. and as far as you “posted signs” are concerned you should know that all roads in nj are 25 mph unless otherwise posted. Remember timothy McVeigh the Oklahoma city bomber was caught because he was speeding and yes a radar was used. how bout this, if you know theyre doing radar then DONT SPEED moron

  3. touggie2000

    the problem is most of the people are law abiding citizens. going and coming from work which pays their salary! i understand if your stoping drunk drivers on a weekend night but during rush hour/ working hours? give it a break. must be bored. To add the name is NY NJ PORT AUTHORITY NOT NY NJ STATE POLICE! Their priority and judicial guidelines doesnt confined them to just those areas of ports but,to wondered beyond those areas for the sake of being a “WACKER” not only shows un professionalism and also takes away from your assigned duty area.

  4. Ac1dG0r3

    If they are “law abiding”, than those citizens would not be getting pulled over for driving like assholes to begin with. PAPD has multiple duties, units and just like NJ Transit Police, they have full policing authority in both states to enforce ALL LAWS, which is what speed enforcement is, enforcement of the laws created by the states on speed restriction. Stop bashing the cops for doing their job, their jurisdiction goes further than you think you know. Until you become a PA police officer, stop assuming things because you are wrong.

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