Statement from Larry Wainstein on North Bergen School District Ethic charges on Ms. Sarah Guillen, Sacco Campaign also responds

Former North Bergen High School French teacher, Sarah Guillen, in a video testimony, stated that “what’s going on behind the curtains is just ugly.”

She continues to say in the video that she was “threatened to do politics to help Mayor Sacco,” and “was being forced to knock on doors and say Mayor Sacco is great and how everything was great.”

Sarah Guillen is now facing an ethics charge complaint.

Larry Wainstein released the following statement regarding the charge:

Today, we are saddened to learn that a teacher who worked at North Bergen High School has had an ethics charge complaint filed against her. In our country, freedom of speech is supposed to be welcomed and encouraged. This is not the first time that Mayor Sacco and his administration have tried to silence dissidents by using law enforcement and the legal system.

Mario Blanch recently argued a case in front of the New Jersey Supreme Court in a case of a school board employee that sought to be free of intimidation and harassment under the corrupt administration of Mayor Sacco in our school system. This employee also had charges filed by Mayor Sacco and his administration in trying to silence her voice.

Sarah Guillen is just another example of Sacco using his multiple positions and power to exact his revenge. I will eliminate this practice of intimidation and harassment in our schools and in our community. The town of North Bergen has the opportunity May 12th to free themselves from the decades of corruption, politics in our schools, and the harassment that has become commonplace throughout North Bergen.

In response, Paul Swibinski released the following statement from the Nicholas Sacco campaign:

A desperate hail mary pass by Larry Wainstein’s campaign failed today, as Mercer County Superior Court Judge Mary C. Jacobson ruled against a lawsuit filed earlier last month by Wainstein that alleged voter fraud and sought unprecedented and ridiculous demands, completely unsupported by any real evidence. The judge agreed with the State Attorney General that the May 12 election should be run by the Hudson County Board of Elections and the North Bergen Township Clerk and that there was no sufficient evidence of voter fraud that would hinder the process in any way. The court denied each and every item of relief that Wainstein sought in the bogus lawsuit. 

“With the election on Tuesday fast approaching and the ship sinking, Larry Wainstein decided to turn to the last refuge of the desperate candidate — crying voter fraud and yelling for help from law enforcement,” said Sacco Campaign Manager Paul Swibinski. “Just like most of his other sloppy work, this Mario Blanch-led lawsuit has failed.”

Wainstein made numerous demands in the lawsuit — he demanded that his hand-picked “deputies” control the election and that voting machines be set up as he directed. He sought to preemptively bar people from voting and to bar poll workers from assisting disabled voters as is allowed by state law. 

The Court rejected all these outrageous demands, and all the other relief Wainstein sought.

Swibinski went on to say that the Sacco campaign welcomes the presence of State Police troopers who have been assigned to North Bergen for the election. 

“Considering Lying Larry’s crew of criminals and ex-convicts that will be out in the streets on Tuesday, we welcome additional police presence and would be thrilled to see a cop on every corner.” 

While nothing material remains in the lawsuit, the case will be referred to Hudson County Superior Court for final disposition, not in Mercer County Court as Wainstein demanded.

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