Statement from Mayor and State Senator Nick Sacco on Esther Suarez nomination as Hudson County Prosecutor

Sacco:  It doesn’t stop here, it only beginsNorth Bergen Mayor and State Senator Nick Sacco (D-32) released the following statement regarding the Governor’s nomination of Passaic County Superior Court Judge Esther Suarez as Hudson County Prosecutor:

“I am proud to support Esther Suarez’s nomination to become the next Hudson County
Prosecutor because she is not only eminently qualified, but also because her
confirmation will be a historic moment as she will become both the first woman and
the first person of Hispanic heritage to serve in the position. Esther is a Hudson
County native and a Superior Court Judge with an impeccable record and
unimpeachable integrity. She will bring a strong background of legal experience to
the office and will ably represent the diversity that makes Hudson County great.”

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