Surprising reactions to a horrific incident


Surprising reactions to a horrific incident. In the wake of the death of young police officer Melvin Santiago, some reactions differed from the expected sadness over the loss of the rookie cop. A memorial was put up honoring Campbell, who was responsible for Santiago’s untimely death. Comments by Campbell’s wife were also aired on local news where Campbell was far from sorry for her husband’s actions. However, Mayor Fulop and local law enforcement are making their distaste for these actions known.  

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  1. ED Die via Facebook

    HCTV this is exactly what the suspect wanted. The family of Officer Santiago wishes for everyone to stop giving him and his family the spotlight. I respectfully request for you to delete this from your news feed and honor Officer Santiago’s family’s wishes. Thank you

  2. Latinos Unidos via Facebook

    We feel very badly for the family of Officer Santiago, our thoughts and prayers and our community stands behind officer Santiago’s family, however with all due respect Ed Die, i disagree with your request. We all have the right to know what has happened and what continuously happens within our community, whether we like it or not, we have the right to know.

  3. Zoila Correa via Facebook

    I agree with ED Die. We are all aware of what happened. We do NOT need this video to know. By putting her on the spotlight is what they wanted. A simple article in the news is suffice. Images and videos are not necessary.

  4. ED Die via Facebook

    Latinos Unidos, everyone knows what happened. We don’t need this video or any other coverage to remind us. There is no need to spotlight this woman’s disgusting comments or her husband’s actions. Especially if this was the wishes of the Santiago family. Just want everyone to honor and respect the family’s wishes.

  5. Greg Zevahc via Facebook

    No keep the video up , so we can see the trash that our residents foot the bill for . Maybe if we were more aware over what controls our quality of life we can stand up against this bullshit and make jersey city what it deserves to be. It’s time we take a stand over a bunch of apathetic low lives who do nothing but waste our hard earned tax dollars .

  6. 1st and 2nd Amendments FOREVER RULE!

    While i don’t agree with the comments made by the shooters wife, i strongly disagree with the the censuring of anyone freedom of speech. If you believe that people are not allowed to say what they want then maybe its time to leave america. The 1st amendment protects everyone’s right to frredom of speech for how ever horrible or distasteful someone’s comments may be.

  7. Raul Ortega via Facebook

    This is the GHETTO SHIT mentality that is slowly taking over this nation!! These GHETTO SAVAGES have NO respect, no DECENCY,MANNERS or GOODNESS in them!! They’re ALL NEANDERTHALS, RACISTS,HATE FILLED people!! These are Obama’s GHETTO GARBAGE!! My condolences to the Santiago family! My son is a Police Officer and I pray for him each day for protection from the GHETTO SAVAGES he deals with!!

  8. Rausky

    This GHETTO SHIT and the rest of GHETTO GARBAGE that has ruined Jersey City need to be eliminated from the face of the earth!! These are NEANDERTHALS, and worthless SCUM, who even deserve the right to breathe!! My son is a Police Officer, and I pray for him to be protected from these GHETTO SAVAGES!!

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