Suspects wanted in a vehicle theft and high speed chase from Jersey City to South Kearny

JERSEY CITY – Suspects in a stolen Dodge pickup truck led police on a chase from Jersey City into South Kearny early Wednesday morning.

But it all started when Police received a call at around 6:00 a.m. that a white Ford pickup truck was being broken into. The truck was parked on the corner of Williams Ave. and Bennett St. near the Ford dealership.

Police arrived and observed a man wearing a black mask hanging out of the driver side door of the white Ford truck that had a smashed rear window. A black Dodge pickup truck was pushing the vehicle from behind. The dodge truck was reported as a stolen vehicle out of Newark; apparently one stolen vehicle wasn’t enough. When Police activated their emergency lights, the masked man jumped into the Dodge that had an unknown number of occupants and fled the location.

During the pursuit, the truck jumped the curb, made an illegal turn, and swerved in and out of traffic before crashing into the back of a car, causing Police to strike the rear of the truck. The crash didn’t stop the driver, who continued to speed off, and the pursuit was cancelled due to civilian and officer safety. The Dodge was last spotted turning onto Central Avenue in South Kearny.

Police are still investigating and searching the suspects.

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