Two females arrested on heroin and cocaine charges in Kearny; One was driving while suspended

(The address on embedded google image does NOT represent the incident location, it is only intended for reference purposes.)

KEARNY – A motor vehicle stop in the area of Belleville Turnpike and Passaic Avenue resulted in two drug arrests last Thursday. Police say the driver’s license was suspended.

According to Chief Dowie of Kearny Police Department, on June 11th at 9:15 a.m. Vice Detectives stopped a 2001 Isuzu in the area of Belleville Turnpike and Passaic Avenue in regards to a motor vehicle violation. During the stop, it was discovered that the driver of the vehicle, 36-year-old Nicole Docatis of Kearny, had a suspended license. She was placed under arrest and search incident to arrest found her to be in possession of five bags of “Top Dollar” heroin and three vials of cocaine.  The passenger of the vehicle, 36-year-old Jaquelin Carey of Lyndhurst, was found to be in possession of four folds of “Top Dollar” heroin and two vials of cocaine.

Docatis and Carey are both facing drug charges. Docatis was additionally charged with driving while suspended and operating a motor vehicle while in possession of CDS.


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  1. charactress

    Hi,Hudson TV.
          I have a complaint about your practice of referring to women as “females” in a journalistic piece.  I understand that the use of the term is standard in police reports. However, my expectation is that you are trying to do more than just ape the official language in the police report    . I  have followed you for some time and I always look at what you send me.  Your reporting is often high quality, so this use of a street terminology seems to me unworthy of what you are trying to do.
          I know that “females” is considered a hip way to say women or young women or girls in some circles.  My  question is this:  Do you, in your articles, use “males” as a way to describe teenage boys or men of any age?  Chances are you call them “men” or “young men”.   Even if I’m wrong about this and you do actually use the term “males” as often and you use the term “females” I’d like to make the request that you stop describing both genders this way.
      Historically, the terms “female ” and “male” have been reserved for descriptions of animals, not people.   Dogs, cats, and parrots and other pets are appropriately referred to as “female” or “male”.   Children up to about fourteen years of age are properly called boys and girls.  After that they are usually  called” young men”  and   ” young women”.  At eighteen , boys become “men” and girls become “women”.      Because I take you seriously as journalists, I’m pointing this out.  Yes..I am an old fogy.  When I was young, the only references I heard to “males” and “females”  were found in descriptions of science experiments…usually experiments on fruit flies.
    Thanks for hearing this.   Keep up your otherwise good work!                                                                                                            Judy Stone

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