Two males attempt to to steal a washing machine during police investigation of a stolen dryer

Jersey City Police responded to a call from a resident of Clifton Place, who said that he heard a “loud bang” noise. Upon arrival, the resident reportedly told police that when they looked through their apartment window, they observed a black male wearing a white shirt, blue jeans, and black sneakers exiting south on Cornelison Avenue carrying a clothing dryer. The dryer was then seen being loaded into a hand truck.

Police immediately searched the first floor of the apartment building, and noticed that the back door of the building was propped open with a piece of wood. At the crime scene, police stated that they saw that one of the water pipes for the washing machine was cut and causing major flood damage in the apartment, as well as the rest of the building. Shortly after, Police reported to have heard another loud noise in the stairway which turned out to be the door that was being held open by the wood piece was now slammed shut.

After rushing to investigate, the police then saw two males carrying out the washing machine and chased after them. One ran in the opposite direction into an elevator and escaped, but the other was caught and identified as 52 year old Calvin Felder of Jersey City. He was arrested and charged with Burglary, theft by unlawful taking or deposition, criminal mischief $2,000 or more,and drug paraphernalia.

It was also reported that he was allegedly holding a clear glass tube known to be used for smoking crack. The dryer was never recovered and further investigation for the second male involved in the burglary was conducted. He was said to have been a heavy set black male with a bald head and a goatee wearing a black shirt.

The manager of the building reportedly stated that no one was permitted to be in those units during that time, and he believes the total damages of the building can possibly be estimated well over $10,000 including the cost of the washer and dryer totaling around $1,275.

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