Union City Commissioner joins One of the hottest Cuban Bands in US


Lucio_FernandezWhen you talk about music, you must talk about the influence historically that Cuban music has made world-wide. Cuba has introduced a vast array of musical genres to the world, from Cha Cha to Rumba, from Mambo to Salsa, and everything in between. But the new sound coming out of the island now is awe-inspiring. It blends some of the old with the new, hence creating a vibrant and exciting fresh sound. Indisputably, one of the best musical groups coming out of Cuba is Maxima Alerta. It is one of Cuba’s best known modern musical groups having performed and recorded with some of the island’s best, including the hugely popular Gente de Zona. The group has now made Hudson County its home and are planning a US Tour.

In the above clip, you will find Lucio P. Fernandez as a guest performer, Lucio is a Cuban-American politician and entertainer, who works as the Commissioner of Public Affairs  and serves under Mayor Brian P. Stack. Mr. Fernandez is also an artist, author, singer, actor, dancer, playwright, screenwriter, producer and film director who has been credited with being instrumental in reviving the arts in Union City.

Maxima Alerta has now released a fun new song and dynamic music video “Vive la Vida”. You don’t need to be Cuban or speak Spanish to enjoy this song… it is for everyone. This is an energetic feel good song that will surely put you on your feet. The group is exciting, the music superb, and the message is positive. This is a fresh hip sound. Maxima Alerta… simply the best.

Vive front
About Maxima Alerta

“Cuban Music with more Flow”

Maxima Alerta is known for its fusion of Cuban Music and other genres forming a fresh hip sound. From son cubano to conga, from cumbia to merengue, from rap to ballads… all with a fresh modern sound taunting audiences on their feet to dance and have a good time.

It all began in Santa Clara, a busy city in the center of Cuba, where Ray Machado aka “El Italiano”, the lead singer, musical director, and composer for most of the songs of the group, developed the group.

In 2003 Máxima Alerta exploded on the scene, hitting radio and television stations with two songs, “Cast pa ‘front’ and “Adegüello 1895” which very quickly became popular throughout the country. Thanks to these successes, in 2004 they delivered their new album “Llegaron los Alertas”, recorded at Abdala Studios owned by renowned singer/composer Silvio Rodriguez with the French company Lusafrica, and joining their catalog and sharing the stage with popular groups such as La Orquesta Aragón, Polo Montañez, Anacaona, Isaac Delgado, Osdalgia, among others.

In 2005 Máxima Alerta was nominated to Cubadisco as “Best Album Rap, Dance and Hip Hop” which garnered the group great popularity both nationally and internationally, as well as topping the charts. Later in 2009 the group returned to the top of the charts with the song “La Figura” recorded with the group Gente de Zona.

Later in 2011, they released the CD “Alertas para Todos”, recorded and produced by Nando Pro in Havana, Cuba. This is an album containing fourteen tracks, of which six feature special guests: Yulien Oviedo and Dantes (Charanga Habanera); Alexander Delgado y Randy Marcos (Gente de Zona); Sisto Llorente “El Indio” (Orquesta Aragón); and Alain Daniel and Ramón Lavado (El Chacal). The CD also features a song dedicated to one of the greatest Cuban baseball players, Victor Mesa.

The group has crafted an intense and dynamic signature sound. This fresh sound is a fusion: elastic bass lines, powerful programming, catchy choruses sung in unison with warlike ardor, counterpoints that owe as much (if not more) to rap as to reggae or Latin beats… it all comes together to showcase voices that drive themselves mercilessly, to unleash a verbal bombardment of exceptional skill and intensity but at the same time accentuating the flavor and influence of Cuban music.

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