Weatherization Assistance Program Available for Homeowners and Tenants in Bayonne


Mayor Jimmy Davis announced that the Bayonne Economic Opportunity Foundation (BEOF) has a weatherization assistance program is that available to both homeowners and tenants who meet income guidelines.  Applicants must be Bayonne residents.  The program assists low-income families in the prevention of high energy costs. Those who qualify have a health and safety check performed on their heating equipment.  They will then receive whatever measures are necessary to conserve energy and make people comfortable in their homes.  The BEOF Weatherization Crew has received the Golden Hammer Award twice for being the best in the state.

The weatherization services available include the following: insulation; heating (boiler) replacement and repairs; hot water tank replacement and repairs; testing of stoves for carbon monoxide/gas fumes; refrigerator replacement; caulking/weather stripping for windows and doors; indoor air quality testing; door replacement and repairs; health and safety issues; carbon monoxide detectors; showerheads; energy-saving light bulbs; and blower door testing.  According to BEOF Executive Director Samantha Howard, “The Weatherization Program uses materials that are high-quality.  The materials purchased must meet state and federal standards. We look forward to installing these products throughout our community.”  Mayor Davis said, “I urge all eligible residents to take advantage of this excellent program.”

Potential applicants should consult the following chart to see whether they meet income guidelines: 

Family Size                             Yearly Income Limit


    1                                                  $22,340

    2                                                 $30,260

    3                                                 $38,180

    4                                                 $46,100

    5                                                 $54,020

    6                                                 $61,940

    7                                                $69,860

    8                                                $77,780

For each additional family member, please add $3,960 to determine the yearly income limit.

Homeowners are eligible to apply directly to the BEOF.  You can apply online or print the paperwork. Eligible tenants can apply with the approval of their landlord.  Families are automatically eligible if they receive at least one of the following benefits:  food stamps; welfare with cash; TANF; or SSI.  The program can assist disabled American veterans receiving compensation (under certain codes).

All Bayonne residents who meet the income guidelines should contact Michael Dellabella, Weatherization Manager, BEOF, at 201-437-7222, ext. 14.  People may apply in person at the BEOF office, 555 Kennedy Boulevard, Bayonne.  Office hours are Monday through Thursday from 8:30 a.m. through 4:00 p.m., and Friday from 8:30 a.m. through 3:30 p.m.

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