West New York officer not charged following fatal pedestrian accident in North Bergen

WEST NEW YORK – Mayor Felix E. Roque and Hudson County Sheriff Frank Schillari held a press conference outside West New York town hall earlier today to discuss the investigation of the pedestrian who was struck and killed by a West New York Police Officer two days ago.
“There will be no charges filed against Officer Jorge Saldago,” Hudson County Sheriff Frank Schillari announced.
The incident occurred on Monday, March 30th at around 11:42 p.m. The 28-year-old pedestrian, Guiltier Guicoy-Mutzutz of Cliffside Park, was crossing Kennedy Blvd. between 70th and 71st St. when he was struck by a Honda Accord traveling south, closest to the side walk, driven by an off duty West New York officer. North Bergen Police and the Hudson County Sheriff’s Office were dispatched to the scene. A passing Guttenberg Police car was driving by the scene stopped to assist and found 28-year-old Guiltier Guicoy-Mutzutz, a Guatemalan national, of 90th Street, in North Bergen, lying face down on the sidewalk, unconscious and bleeding from his head. North Bergen Police arrived shortly after. The driver, 28-year-old Officer Jorge Salgado, immediately stopped and rendered assistance to the injured man, who was in cardiac arrest. North Bergen EMS arrived and transported the victim to Palisades Medical Center. He was pronounced dead shortly before noon on Tuesday morning.
Salgado was a rookie who had only worked for the department for a little over a year. The investigation revealed that Salgado was driving 27 miles per hour when he hit the pedestrian who officials said was not utilizing the cross walk and was about 70 feet north of it.
“He ran across at a very dark point in the roadway,” stated Sergeant Bruce Miller, Lead Crash Investigator. “He was wearing very dark colors and the area is also not well lit.”
But Mayor Roque added that “Most pedestrians are more careful.”
“The speed limit is 25 miles per hour but it’s not a reckless or careless incident. Everybody goes a little bit above or little bit below the speed limit. So, it’s not a careless or reckless incident, that’s why no charges will be filed,” said Miller, Lead Crash Investigator.
The investigation is now closed but police are waiting on toxicology reports to see if alcohol played a role in this incident as the victim appeared to be a “little wobbly,” according to Roque. “We don’t know if alcohol played a role in his darting out into the middle of traffic but when he was walking he was a little wobbly… so, we are waiting for test results to come back. We don’t know if that played a role in his spontaneous runs across the street,” Roque said.
Roque cautions residents to cross at the cross walk and wait for the traffic lights to change. “They are timed so pedestrians can get across the blvd. not just charge out into the roadway… It’s suicide doing that,” Schillari said.
Mayor Roque mentioned that a lot of pedestrians get struck in the Kennedy Blvd area.
“They just dart out into the traffic,” he said. “A lot of people take a chance since they’re all in a hurry.”
Mayor Roque offered his condolences to both families.
Officer George Saldago is currently taking vacation time and has not been suspended, according to West New York Police Director Robert Antolos.

“He’s part of the bright future of this Police Department and I hope he can come back to the department very soon,” Antolos stated.




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  1. Jim Tavarez via Facebook

    If the cop were a regular citizen? What kind of shit is that? The pedestrian did not use the crosswalk, RAN across a dark area of the street, and, unfortunately, was killed. Did you read the article before you spewed your ignorance and hatred for law enforcement? I think not. I pray for both sides of this horrible ordeal.

  2. Maria Loyola via Facebook

    Yes I did read the article and police officers get away with all kinds of crimes all over this country and anyone who doesn’t believe that is obviously blind. A regular citizen like you and I would probably not have just walked away that easily.

  3. Damon Bassano via Facebook

    Some jackass doesn’t know how to cross the street Legally and it’s the drivers fault? How about people take responsibility for their own stupid actions not try to put blame on someone else!

  4. Jim Tavarez via Facebook

    So, Maria, after reading the article, and seeing that the victim (RIP) ran out onto a dark street, struck, and unfortunately killed, you still want the officer tried, convicted, and sent to prison? Obviously, for the sole reason that he is a law enforcement officer? Again, this was an unfortunate accident.

  5. Jim Tavarez via Facebook

    Brian Caramucci, I’m glad you understood the above post about reckless driving because I thought I was reading a different language.

  6. Mohammed Awadallah via Facebook

    they said the guy was wobbling outside the bar. he was drunk. I always see drunk guys around that area during that time period. oh well! I’m glad the cop was found innocent

  7. Maria Loyola via Facebook

    My point is not that accidents don’t occur or that he was guilty of murder….but rather that if it was not a police officer he would’ve gotten charged with something. Brian Caramucci you’re a police officer of course you won’t admit that.

  8. Maria Loyola via Facebook

    And I believe that good police officers who don’t break the law do exist but I’m not at all ignorant to the fact that privilege exists in this country and racism exists and hatred prevails. He was a drunk immigrant and a police officer killed him….moving on right y’all. Call me ignorant all you want but I’m not alone in seeing that police officers get away with crimes and off the hook on accidents all the time.

  9. Mannie Menwer via Facebook

    Maria Loyola , its obvious that the facts are the facts and for some reason you just can’t understand them since your blinded by the hatred towards police officers , it’s ok , at the end of the day the facts proved the truth !! even thou some ppl like you can’t except the truth you should find someone to explain the truth to you you should be humbled . DONT WORRY BE HAPPY !

  10. Chris Hammer via Facebook

    Called jaywalking crossing midblock when crosswalks are present. Officer or no officer it was not reckless or on purpose. Cop haters

  11. Maria Loyola via Facebook


    I respect police officers but I don’t think its fair that they don’t get treated equally under the law when accidents or worse hate crimes do occur. Hudson county may be a melting pot but I’ve heard first hand how valued immigrant lives are in some of these parts of town….disposable. And you’re right I don’t know you so I can’t say what Lind of officer you are but I am not a cop hater but rather an egalitarian.

  12. John Prezioso via Facebook

    Regardless of who the person who hit him was…cop or civilian, the guy made an error in judgrment by running across the Blvd inbthe middle of the street at night and unfortunately it cost him his life. Some accountability needs to be placed with the thousands of people around here that make this dangerous mistake every day. I feel sorry for both the driver and the victim. An ACCIDENT that could have been prevented

  13. Jessie Capote-Torres via Facebook

    I know the officer personally and if you knew him too you would understand that this was tragic accident. He has a heart of gold, and he did everything thing within his power to save the guy. My heart goes out both of them.

  14. Jim Tavarez via Facebook

    I’m done trying to prove a point to people, who already have the facts of this case directly in front of them and still insist on twisting it in a negative way because they’re blinded by their obvious hatred towards LEO’s. Yes, of course, there are bad apples; there are bad apples in every profession and no officer will ever dispute that, however, that has absolutely nothing to do with this particular, unfortunate incident. Granted, you’re all entitled to your own opinion, but to come out and post “if it were you or me…blah, blah,” totally displays ignorance.

  15. Maria Loyola via Facebook

    I’m entitled to my opinion whether you or anybody else deems it ignorant or not. Freedom of speech. Too many cops in Hudson county get away with being racist and abusive ALL THE TIME and if it had been anyone else I’m sure they’d be in jail and that’s my opinion and you don’t have to like it. But I’m not the biased one I’m not blinded by hatred I’m enlightened by personal experience and the fact that I don’t hold a bias for or against police officers.

  16. D

    This is bullshit. The cop was not driving the speed limit, if he would he would’ve seen the guy and not struck in to the point to cause the guys death. This cop will get karma for what he has done! Just because he was over the speed limit by two doesn’t matter! I’ve gotten tickets for going 27 on a 25!!!!!! Justice needs to be served !!!

  17. Bella Linda via Facebook

    It was an Accident .Cop or civilian would be treated the same!!!!! This is not the first incident in hudson county that it’s happened to. Pedestrians struck by vehicles wether they have passed or not happen all the time people & depending on circumstances they don’t get charged!!!!! Stop the nonsense. Everyone looses no matter how you look at the situation. My prayers to both families.

  18. Maria Carattini via Facebook

    Ok but why is the victim the only being tested for alcohol and drugs. When it’s the law to test all public employees involve in a accident. The officer should be tested because it’s what need to be done. I don’t care who fault it is, it’s the principal. Drug test all involve not just the victim…

  19. Maria Carattini via Facebook

    Everyone in this post and in this world Jay Walks. Drinking or not everyone dose it, so to sit here and call the victims names; says a lot about your persona or intelligence. Idiots…

  20. Vanessa Vargas Espinoza via Facebook

    You ppl really are dumb, they said he took a field sobriety test if he passed there’s no motive to test him…the victim obviously showed signs of impairment that’s why he’s being tested…these are the same procedures that would apply to any civilian So how about u Marias pick up a book n educate youselves so that way when u have your run in with law u can defend yourself cuz only a dummy will consent to blood samples when it’s obviously not necessary

  21. Javy Jimenez via Facebook

    Everyone saying the officer should be charge… Would you guys feel the same way if it was one of your family member behind the wheel same circumstances??? Theres no winners and losers here both parties are losing i cant imagen how the officer and his family must feel knowing he accidentally killed an innocent person… Idk too many people that are able to go to sleep just fine after killing someone unless a serial killer or cold blooded murder

  22. Anthony Edward via Facebook

    I had a woman hit a man a few years ago on Kennedy Blvd and 42nd Street. Guy just walked into the street, not in a crosswalk, and he was wearing dark clothes. The woman stopped and called the police. The person who was struck was killed, she was not at fault and never even given a field sobriety test because there was no reason to test her due to the observations of her on scene. It was an ACCIDENT! No charges were filed against her, and she was a civilian. Sometimes these things happen…

  23. Maria Loyola via Facebook

    I have personally heard sherrifs on Hudson county say they care less about these niggers and wetbacks let them kill each other !!!!!!!of course they don’t care about an immigrant getting killed but if it was you or me we would be eating bologna sandwiches at kearny right now !?!!!

  24. Vipul Parekh via Facebook

    Maria that’s a pretty big thing to accusation to make against the police. Care to say where you heard the officers said it? I’m not LEO but half my friends are and will fully support them until I get all the facts.

  25. Maria Loyola via Facebook

    i dont have proof but it wont stop me from having an opinion and quite frankly i dont care to share any details wether that shatters my credibility or not i dont wanna end up dead somewhere at the hands of the racist pigs. you dont like my opinions thats fine you dont have to but i am a free law abiding citizen and i can voice it all i want.

  26. Maria Loyola via Facebook

    and teller morrow you have a great point i dont feel the need to continue to post on this thread because honestly it doesnt make me feel safe and thats fucking sad, but also because like u said i am coming across as biased and its because im reluctant to elaborate on my views especially on this platform. anyway rip to that guatemalan man who was killed. im done speaking about this.

  27. Anthony Edward via Facebook

    Maria I would say that you have some serious trust issues, thinking that someone would turn around and kill you for your opinion. Either that or you need to stop watching Scarface and self medicating! Does anyone even understand that there is a bar right across from this intersection. Come by there any day of the week and watch the people come out of there stumbling!

    If anyone is at fault the owner of the establishment needs to be checked out because at some point you are not suppose to keep serving the highly intoxicated.

    I’m actually laughing to read what this Maria character keeps posting. If she believes everything she hears, I have a bridge for sale that I can sell you! Cheap!

  28. larissa

    You people who are calling law enforcement “pigs” are the BIGGEST FUCKING HYPOCRITES. Yet ate the FIRST ONES to call the damn cops for domestic violence or noisy neighbors.. society is eating you people alive… wake up. I’m 21 and I’m more aware of the bs this world has come to. These offices risk they’re fucking lives everyday to save our kids, parents, friends.. you break a law…and you want cop (who fight for justice as a damn living) to let you get away with it? Who’s the pigs…? Yes they’re are a couple who abuse the power, everyone knows that.. but to catagirize them all…? Non sense. My consolidence to this man and his family.. but you people’s reason why he “needs” to be locked up os because he is a cop. That stupid. Ignorant people. Wake up and don’t be followers..be your own damn person for God’s sake….

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