WNY Commissioner Candidate Hector Hernandez ex-wife reveals years of violence and torture

“I want everybody to see that he’s more than a smile and a firm handshake. Hector Hernandez (running for commissioner on Count Wiley’s West New York United slate) is not the person that he says he is,” says his ex-wife Jacqueline.

They got married in 1996 and she says the abuse started just a year later.

“He was a drug user, alcoholic; he beat me everyday for like 13 years,” the 39-year-old says. “And it was just everyday, everyday, he just beat me everyday — guns in my mouth, to my head.”

She says she’s not doing this to pick sides.

“Roque, Wiley – I’m doing it for myself (to get closure) and for the public so they know the truth as only someone who knows him like I do would,” Hernandez says.  On the street he’s a different person. Behind closed doors, I think he’s a monster.”

According to Jacqueline, the last beating gave her a concussion that landed her in the hospital.

“When I came back I told him we cant (anymore) ‘cause he’s gonna kill me,” Hernandez says. “So I guess G-d sent him cheating that saved my life.”

Everyone was in the dark about the abuse.

“The cops did know ‘cause I used to call them when it got bad,” the longtime West New York resident says. “But they just ignored the situation so I had to deal with it on my own ‘cause I didn’t tell nobody.”

Jacqueline says she couldn’t even get a restraining order because her ex was well connected.

“They wouldn’t do any reports or nothing because they were all friends with him. They used to tell me to leave.”

Recovery from abuse is possible… you have as much right as anyone to speak up and stop the violence.

“Because you live with these scars forever and it’s not good. So if anybody’s in an abusive relationship reach out to somebody to get help. Don’t wait ‘til it’s too late,” Hernandez says.

About The Author

Jillian has a passion for news, giving voice to the voiceless and telling stories that make an impact. A New Jersey native, she spent the past two years as a multimedia journalist/one-man-band at WTAP-TV, the NBC affiliate in Parkersburg, West Virginia, where she covered everything from meth busts to fracking to the homeless to a young man struck by lightening. She was her news director’s “go to health reporter” and also covered many education and political stories. She frequently interviewed the mayors of Parkersburg, Vienna and Williamstown, WV and Belpre and Marietta, Ohio. She interviewed OH Gubernatorial Candidate Ed Fitzgerald and OH Congressional Candidate Jennifer Garrison, as well as WV Governor Earl Ray Tomblin and WV Senator Joe Manchin. Jillian was a regular fixture at the local police, sheriff’s departments, prosecutors’ offices and courthouses. Many looked forward to her ‘Mom of the Month’ series. Her story about two women who lost their children to heroin was widely recognized, along with her much loved piece on the Battle Against Cystic Fibrosis band camp. In her free time... Jillian enjoys yoga, working out, live music, spending time with friends on both coasts and the Mid-Ohio Valley. She also loves to connect with the community, so feel free to say hi if you see her around, shoot her an e-mail... jrisberg@hctvnj.com or follow her @JillianRis .


  1. Resign Hernandez

    this is unacceptable in every sense of the word! this poor woman is extremely brave to speak out I hope Hector gets the help he so desperately needs

  2. Carlos Betancourt via Facebook

    Bovine manure, I myself responded to domestic situations at the Hernandez residents, operation and domestic violence reports were generated for our computer system or (CAD) system. This system keeps accurate records pertaining to nature and disposition of the dispatched jobs. This again goes to the lengths that Roque will go in order to maintain his corrupt status-quo, let us ponder over the obvious the courts awarded Mr. Hernandez with custody of the off-spring in that marriage further I was the Director of the Housing Security program under the late Mayor De Fino and experienced in both positions as a Police Officer and director the alleged aforementioned domestic situation. I personally have known this young man since his tender years and know the caliber of the individual, and I say Bovine manure ! The aggressor was always the same. Nice try Felix but you my friend are also Bovine Manure!

    1. Resign Hernandez

      are you downplaying her claims Bentancourt? as a former officer I’m sure you are very aware of the many domestic abuse cases that happen everyday in this country. What happened to protect and serve? or does that only apply to your friends?

    2. Makayka

      Come on chucky lets be honest I’m surprised you could even spell the word aforementioned did Siri help you write this just like others wrote all of your police reports. Chucky please anyone who knows you knows your true character. You vouching for him is more damming then his ex wife’s testemony

  3. Miguel

    Doesn’t Doreen March around swearing this guy is the savior or West New York. Where is she and her Women of West New York club when this women was being used as a punching bag. Oh ye thats,right she only mentions that club when she’s looking for invites to parties and galas around town.

    1. Resign Hernandez

      Women of West New York should be condemning this man for his actions let’s see how much they really represent the women of the town

  4. Makayka

    COWARD! It’s sad to know that there are men like this in the world! We most definitely do not need men like this leading our town. This is just repulsive. He should be hiding under a rock. SHAME ON YOU!

  5. Ernesto

    Drugs, violence, 2 key words. It is becoming more and more obvious the affiliation this new administration has within the town is with the wrong element. Mr. Rodriquez stated recently his first order of business if they were to win the election was to remove the only positive role model the children of WNY have had in the most recent years at head of the recreation department and give that position to Mrs Defino. Mrs. Defino reinforces this type of violence and behavior. Take a look at the group of coaches she hires and protects to be around our programs. Most recently the video that went viral showing the drugs and alcohol that were in the same hotel room with the children from West New Yorks Cheerleading program. If I had and under age daughter I entrusted this women to supervise, protect and look after miles from home I would have been irate after seeing that video. So many incidents this season alone where the kids were put around people with criminal backgrounds and addictions. She is also behind the money that’s been missing from the programs. I urge everyone to please come out and vote on the 12th and do what’s right for this town and make sure this element never has the ability to get in office.

  6. Annie

    John 8:7 They kept demanding an answer, so he stood up again and said, “All right, but let the one who has never sinned throw the first stone!”

  7. mercy

    Actually their father wasn’t around for many years after leaving to Florida with the new girl friend…that’s number 1. Number 2. Their mother was stuggling financially and strict with them. When.their father finally returned.. after losing everything and a long list of violence in fla .the children wanted to go and see how it was to live with their father and receive all the gifts he promised
    I am just glad the children are happy!

  8. Paul

    its so sad that this woman is clearly been through a difficult SITUTION , I believe her and just like many other women that came forward because they were to scared to come forward at a time when no one would listen , now cuz she found the courage and the support she need to come forward
    People wanna say , it’s a political move or that she was coached.. Women like her never get a chance to have a voice and never get the justice they deserve

  9. Angel

    Chucky, What the hell are you mumbling about. I don’t think you should use SIRI use the cat in the hat book. I think half the time you don’t believe your own BS. Second how dare you doubt this poor women you can see that she has suffered for a long time and cannot keep herself from crying even after such long time. What part of “I’m not doing this for Roque or Wiley” didn’t you understand. You should spend more time on understanding what you read and less time looking up long word to impress people. And besides, Not everybody has the Luxury of getting up and running to Florida when they have a problem with there Ex’s ,

  10. Ernesto

    I just love the fact that a police officer familiar that some type of domestic violence was taking place in that apartment at the time was foolish enough to give some substance to the fact that, yes something was going on.
    Something tells me that poor women wasn’t the agressor.

  11. Paul

    I love how people say OHH WHY did she wait so long to leave him or why now
    Well 1st when u are in a abusive relationship , you are in the control of your abuser , women go years trying to be heard or trying to reach out , LOOK at WHAT MR
    BENETANCOURT said. He respond to several complaint at the home well why did he help her OHHH I forgot he has known him for along time !!!!!
    2nd why now!!!!
    This man is a monster and needs to be stop before he get in power to abuse our women in west New York

  12. Michele Ann Refolo via Facebook

    this is pretty disgusting!!!!unfortunatley victims of domestic abuse, don’t come fwd because people like some, never believe them…and so thats why they wait 10-20-30 yrs…i don’t live in WNY but this story is very very disturbing….Im sure if there children lived in the home while some of this occurred then they have some facts and they are prob devastating….if a man hits you once he will continue to hit you…run the first time and get his a$$ arrested, take photos, record it whatever you have to do to be believed…..God bless her!!!!And no i am not or will ever be a victim of this, but i know some, and there stories are heart wrenching he should seek God… if these are indeed as she spoke them..

  13. No More Abuse

    you obviously did not hear this poor woman speak she specifically said she wanted to let the people of the town know who her ex really is. I for one am disgusted by his actions and I am also disgusted by those who try to spin this to make him look like the victim of some political games. I’m sure nobody commenting has any idea of the problem that domestic abuse is in this country. This woman is very brave for speaking out, there are women who are abused and are to afraid to ever say anything!

  14. No More Abuse

    Victims of abuse rarely speak out due to fear. Shame on you for insulting this woman as she shows her emotions. Walk a day in her shoes I’m sure you will fall

  15. Laura Sanzari via Facebook

    I have sympathy for a person that has endured domestic violence but the timing of this is suspect! She is not doing it sincerely to shed light on a very important topic… She is trying to smear him to hurt his chances. Otherwise as others have said why now? It’s very manipulative!

    1. No More Abuse

      Laura timing has nothing to do with it…do you think that if this was reported when it happened his chances wouldn’t be ruined? once an abuser always an abuser

  16. Zaida Paola via Facebook

    What that’s crazy..I remember this woman living in the same building I did..plz..I don’t believe a word from her she always try to start some shit in the building had an issue with every person..she just sat outside smoking talking shit about everyone.

    1. Paul

      What I Rember about you
      Was you and your dirty dogs shitting all over the place , and when your pit bull bit a handi cap girl ,, and housing kick your dirty ass out … So you should talk shit when your ass is also dirty

  17. Carlos Melo via Facebook

    No worries Michele Ann Refolo
    the females in my family fight back and then I along with my brothers deal with it. We’re good. Why are you only going at me and not arguing with the other people on the post that share my view of the situation ?

  18. Nancy Sico-Culhane via Facebook

    I too lived in the same building as both of them 545 60street…I dealt with hector hernandez first hand and have seen the abuse between them with my own eyes. Sorry and sad to say…but every word is true and the kids were very young during the abuse so thank god it didn’t affect them!

  19. Jackie Melendez via Facebook

    Chucky do me a favor keep my kids out of this! First of all the courts did not award him custody I gave them to him! After 10 years of him leaving he decides to come back when they are 16 and 18 that’s a joke… And when his ex girlfriend comes foward the one he abused in Florida the one that had him locked up not once but 5times! So chucky get your facts straight buddy… You never once came on a call to any of my apartments… If you would like I can name the officers that did respond but u were not one of them! So please worry about your own… I lived it not you! Remember chucky when you accused my son of stealing a cell phone…. That I do remember so please get your facts straight..

  20. Jackie Melendez via Facebook

    Chucky do me a favor keep my kids out of this! First of all the courts did not award him custody I gave them to him! After 10 years of him leaving he decides to come back when they are 16 and 18 that’s a joke… And when his ex girlfriend comes foward the one he abused in Florida the one that had him locked up not once but 5times! So chucky get your facts straight buddy… You never once came on a call to any of my apartments… If you would like I can name the officers that did respond but u were not one of them! So please worry about your own… I lived it not you! Remember chucky when you accused my son of stealing a cell phone…. That I do remember so please get your facts straight..

  21. Dorinne Auriemma

    I take it that giving out 35 complete turkey dinners to residents in need(roque administration gave $10.00 gift certificates) and also donating over 50 toys to the WNY P.D. for the DYFES Angels of WNY means nothing, or our upcoming fundraiser for children with cancer.. the organization is open to all women…..how can we help anyone who doesnt come forward?…I have known Hec since he was 7 years old and I believe if he had turned into this “monster” she is depicting him to be, this would have surfaced a long time ago….She claims police did nothing, if that is so why didnt she have a press conference back then and expose everything?
    Why did she wait all these years to bring this to light? Could it be she was paid off? Are you all that oblivious to what this is really all about???

    Also I would greatly appreciate it that when you use my name you spell it correctly. I would also appreciate you stop being cowards and put your real name when you comment…why are you so afraid to show who you are?

    1. Jackie

      Dor all do respect but I was not paid nor offered anything. It’s funny how everyone looks at him like a Great Guy but no one was behind those closed doors but me and him… Ask your cousin she sheltered me for a long time! But all I can do is Smh anyway way God bless and good luck! And it’s my real name same way he beats Julie oh but she fears him too she confided in someone very close to me so ppl know facts before assuming

    2. No More Abuse

      dorinne you really need some serious help let’s start off with the fact that your major defense is that she didn’t come forward years ago…I’m sure if someone threatened your life and almost killed you maybe you would be hesitant to report it in fear for your life…. drop the politics for one second and be the leader of the organization that tclaimsto help women in WNY you bshouldbe condemning all domestic violence not making .excuses.. I hope nobody that you know has to go through what this woman went through with your friend “hec” so much for women for WNY more like Dorinne for column D

    3. Angel

      Hey Dorinne,
      The only reason your even involved is because your looking for a job, free housing, and let’s not forget Government Assistance. I will gladly donate a new trailer for you and your foul mouth friends. And as we all now your such an outstanding citizen of the community with several complaints against you and your family all you deserve is a swift kick in your smelly ass.

  22. Dorinne Auriemma

    ernesto get your facts straight and who is Mr. Rodriguez?….Ms DeFino was on the Wildwood trip but because they town told her she was not to be paid for going, she went as a mother of a cheerleader …and also know that she doesnt hire anyone she has no say in who gets hired the Director of Recreation is the one who says who gets hired after she speaks to the Mayor..and just so you know, the title Director of Recreation was a created position by Mayor Roque so he could hire the girlfriend of his son….technically the title Director of Recreation belongs to the Commissioner who oversees that department…

    1. Kevin Peralta

      Wow, we are discussing a low life wife abuser from column D and Doreen wants to discuss turkey dinners. What a crock. Shame on you Doreen. This just shows why Wiley and his misfits need to lose BIG time on Tuesday. Scums.

      1. Dan Alvarez

        Shame on you Pablo, for publicly distancing yourself from this woman and her story now that Hector and his son have responded to her allegations.

          1. Dan Alvarez

            Agree with you. That’s why I found it shocking that Pablo Fonseca would say that the kids are fair game because they injected themselves into the conversation.

    1. Jackie

      You people sit around and allow him and his fiancé to serve liquor to under age drinking kids…. They paid to get his daughter a fake id to club in New York! Soon I will reveal all that evidence also! And another thing Annie WEST NEW YORK POLICE did nothing listen before you jump! And doctors did not know the truth…. Hope this never hPpens to you sweety or your kids!

  23. Annie

    So the west New York police department and the medical department that diagnosed the head concussion were willing to risk their positions to hide this….. It’s a little hard to believe

    1. Paul

      No hid this missy,,
      The police were call as mr Benny said he respond but being hector friend it was swept under the rug
      The medical dept as u say
      Didn’t kno it was domestic abuse cuz the victim was to scared to say
      No is that SO HARD TO BELEIVE

  24. Annie

    Seems politically inclined, that woman is not the woman I have known, she seems disoriented and influenced and why are most jumping to conclusions by these alleged allegations

  25. Annie

    This was supposedly 20 years ago, if in fact it occurred at the level of intensity she is describing it’s obvious lots has changed since. Mr Hernandez has the best interest for the town at heart and I’m sure his children are his priority. This is all part of their smudge campaign

  26. Ernesto

    I like to spell Doreen this way if I could I would spell it T.r.a.s.h like most of us in town already know you are. Truth is as its easy to blame the director for Nicoles doings everyone knows most if not all the people who are a major problem within the recreational programs are not only personal friends of Nicoles but also hang out at her home and get high or drunk in her home. You give any one of them enough rope to hang themselfs look what they do. It’s just unfortunate the children have to bear witness to all of this. SMH Weren’t you fired for stealing from a rec program in the past and then given another oppurtunity to steal from the children again by her. We know where your loyalty is. Why bite the hand that feeds you ? FYI T.r.a.s.h did u just say that because Defino wasn’t getting paid so it was not her responsibility to make sure those kids were safe and not around drugs and alcohol. Wow that’s good to know. I hope in your next post you go on and say how much she loves the children 😉

  27. Rick "2 foot tall" Solares

    This has nothing to do with campaigning this is a serious issue. No women should be beaten and when they come forward be made to feel like they have done something wrong for telling the truth. If the police didn’t do anythong then this may be the exact timing to get this out. Who cares if it’s before an election. I am challenged physically by my height so I understand it’s not easy coming forward and speaking up especially from way down here. So kudos to her for coming forward. Now of i could only pick a side instead of playing both administration’s I will be ok.

  28. Silvia Del Valle via Facebook



    Ignorant ppl….. FOR GODS SAKE…. Open ur eyes, close ur mouths, n see life n people for who they really r….


    Time to unmask the truth…..

    A man who BEATS a woman is a COWARD… The last thing I’m going to say is, every dog has his day …….


    GOD DONT LIKE UGLY , so be ready for URS…..

    I just pray n hope THE TRUTH COMES TO THE LIGHT…

  29. Kevin Peralta

    There was something else about Hector’s legal problems recently in the Jersey Journal. I think column D stands for Drunk and Debauchery.

  30. Kerry Culhane via Facebook

    If you read the comments in this article, someone named Miguel, questioned where was the group Women for WNY, we’re when this woman was being used as a punching bag. I would like to inform him, that this group hasn’t even been in existence for a complete year yet. In the short time we have been up and running, we have done a lot of good. I know I for one do not stand for domestic violence. I don’t believe this woman is making this up. I believe she wants to let people know who this man is/was behind closed doors, before they vote. She is very brave to be standing up and coming out, knowing people will not believe her and criticize her for coming out.
    Many, many women don’t talk about their abuse because they are brainwashed, or believe they will be beat again.

    1. Makayka

      But those were (35) complete dinners? Were there cranberries too? Listen Kerry i want to believe that you mean well for the woman of wny should be victim shaming and you should be more careful with who you associate yourself with just a simple he as wide he should be more careful with whom he asked to run with him.

  31. Jackie Melendez via Facebook

    Eliecer first of all I don’t get involved in politics I don’t even vote!!!! I don’t kiss ass in this town I work for what I have! Hope someday this never happens to you nor your kids! You probably were the one that slept with him because he slept with a few little league mothers

  32. Jackie Melendez via Facebook

    Thank YOU KERRY that was my whole intention so that people would not be afrAid to speak out! I did not do this for money or fame I was not giving anything nor promised anything! This is a true story and a lot of ppl that know the truth are to scared to say anything. As the saying goes everything that is done in the dark comes to light

  33. Hector Hernandez Jr. via Facebook

    Hi everyone this is about my mom and my dad. And i just want to say this whole situation is disgusting. I lived with both my mom and dad both together and separately. And throughout my whole childhood i never witnessed any of this. I love them both to death but honestly this is getting out of hand. My dad is a caring man politics aside he would never do anything to put his children at harm. Has my dad made mistakes ? Ofcourse. Has my mom made mistakes ? Of course. But c’mon guys who hasnt. People want to start getting involved with my family i can start too. How about i recall to all her loved ones the night her new husband put a facebook post about me at the age 14 saying that i masturbate all the time which he has no right to do. I can recall all the times she had people do illegal things to my dads car. Im not here to bash anyone but lets all play fair. She was speaking on the video like she was coached. If i may ask, where was this video posted. In a lovely office of who ? Someone who would write a nice check at the end ? I think so. And yes everyone has there comments and opinions but at the end of the day it doesnt matter what any of you people think. And its ok, i want someone to take this post and respond because i want to see what your going to say about my family. Every family has problems and so did mine, that’s obvious but NEVER has there been domestic violence in my house

    1. Kevin Peralta

      You are a joke Jr. and people in WNY know all about you. You aren’t here to bash your mom? That’s a lie. You are looking at the gravy train you will ride if your abusive father is elected commissioner of WNY. We are here to make sure that never happens and you can go get the help you need.

      1. Dan Alvarez

        ‘We are here’ do you mean Roque and his 600,000 dollars, Fonseca?

        Column C HQ has at least 1 pedophile in its midst and you enable him with ego and cash. Get that special needs young man some help with all the money you sucked out of wny, rather than pontificating with your fake screen name.

        1. Kevin Peralta

          Dan why don’t you name names? Or are you afraid you would be sued for making up BS? Go ahead put some names out there rather than vague accusations. This video on Hernandez names names.

  34. Kevin Peralta

    By the way, the Wiley group is also very racist. Don’t believe me? Go into Rafael’s facebook page and look through the photos. One of them is a flier made by one of Wiley’s key individuals depicting Gabriel Rodriguez as Apebriel Rodriguez and has a picture of an ape that is suppose to be him. Absolutely shameful. Hudson County TV why don’t you bring this to the public?????

    1. Dan Alvarez

      Pablo, you know that was the work of David Rivera, your best bud. Does your work with that sacrilegious flyer reflect all of WNYDCC or was it just you and silvio that brainstormed that piece and went rogue with it?

        1. Dan Alvarez

          Wow Pablo, a wiley supporter. So does that mean that all of Victor Coca’s supposed crimes should cast shame on all of Column C? After all he did contribute heavily to your paycheck. Thanks for making things so abundantly clear.

  35. Natasha Hernandez via Facebook

    I find this video pretty funny. I am her daughter and I’m supporting my father on this one. She’s making him out to seem like a monster and that’s not the case. Her statement is false and I think I would know. It’s ridiculous to see that she would make this all up right before the time of elections. She should’ve thrown in the fact that she owes thousands of dollars in child support. And stole my identity. But hey I guess she forgot about that. That’s all I have to say. Goodnight all 🙂

    1. Jackie

      Of course you would lie Natasha Hernandez you are like your father and evil person who all she does is lie… Rumor has it your father has you always dressed inappropriate to campaign for him… As far as your Identy sweetheart I would not want to be you! So you just continue clubbing and drinking those pictures will be revealed soon so everyone can see what really goes on! Hope your little boyfriend never beats you!

  36. Miguel

    Well to bad believe it. If I need to I will repeat myself. She cares so little about women and she walks around wearing both Wiley and Hector as hats that she didn’t even take the time to console this poor women. She was to busy talking about turkey dinners and stating how long she knows Hector that she completely disregarded this women’s emotional testimony. Just because you know someone since there 7 doesn’t mean you discredit someone else. Especially when you have the privilege of being one of the spokes people for that group. I would like to thank the person who did come out from the group and kept her opinions neutral and stayed focused on the women who came forward. In regards to her rebuttel where she made mention to what goes,around comes around….Oh its coming for all of you. Kinda like how Your sis is no longer and employee of West New York but her and her piece are still collecting benifits. HCTV should dig a little into that. Yes that’s right she is still stealing from our town collecting benifits as if she still is and employee. So yes literally, what comes around goes around.

  37. Miguel

    That’s sad to put your kids up to this. I know when one resorts to beating women you can not expect for him to man up but really as a father you have a responsibility to keep your kids away from all of this, by all means necessary. Put the politics aside and put your family first and console these children instead of making them chose between the 2 people who should be the most important to them. On one hand hes saying not to talk bad about either of his parents they both made mistakes but then shortly after throws specific jabs of the wrong doings she has done. What about the wrong he has done. Sounds to me the only people being coached now are the kids. Dispicable. Nothing left to say because even I have more respect for your children.

  38. Jackie Melendez via Facebook

    Hector Hector Hernandez Jr. It’s funny how as a young man you would sit and lie of such abuse that went on in our home shame on you kiddo… What Julie promise you this time a hit of cocaine instead of the hookah… It’s real sad how a Father can have his children lie and go against their mother but it was expected and I have nothing to hide its what it is and its TRUTH! First of all money ain’t shit to me… As far as CS ya I owe but there ain’t no warrant! And as far as your sister she is just a 20 yr old girl who is just like your father…. A liar! So you can do and say what you want…. It don’t bother me… What bothers me is that this is TRUTH and you would LIE…. Guess it’s just your fathers GENES….

  39. Paul

    I know those kids hector jr and Natosha
    They are as evil as the monster we speak of here, Junior will grow up to be just like his father a women beater , for he already shows signs of having anger issue
    At school and were he works at housing
    My kids told me that he bullies other kids and disrespect teacher , usually telling them “”hey watch it, my DAD IS someone important in this town … Well if he already on a power trip off his dad status we can only imagine , just like many other Wny kids did who there parents were in power
    As for the daughter , my daughter that by the way is no saint at all , know her very well, my daughter and her were cheerleader together in memorial and friends outside from school
    Natasha need some guidance if not she will become a victim of her own circumstance.. She frequents night club
    Leaves with stranger at the end of the night
    Is involved in the drug sence and as per my daughter is heavily into drinking and smoking weed…….
    I saw her a couple weeks ago
    Campaign for the D SIDE AND. I felt so bad for her , she was wearing this skimping dress looking like some thing out of a DIVE BAR!!! I said wow how can they have this poor girl doing this !!!!!
    This whole thing is jus a shame

  40. Annie

    Jackies’s response to her children, so sad. You brought up these allegations now you can’t get mad when others respond, including your children.

    1. Jackie

      Annie don’t know you and really can careless what you think! No one not one of yous loved the life I lived! And as far as I approach my kids that’s my business! I raised them ALONE for 10years while their lovely Father abanded them…. So sweetheart go about your life! And if I didn’t respond I would be a Coward! So you take care of yourself….

      1. Annie

        You needn’t get so aggressivel that’s quite a different demeanor from your video. You have exposed yourself to criticism, doubt as well as supporters. You have opened up a door to which we are all now entitled to our own opinion. Questions will arise such as if he is this monster why did you give them to him as you stated.

  41. janimon

    If Roque had a decent record on which to run he would do so. But all he has is a history of corruption, abuse of power, cronyism, dictatorship, intimidation, vindictiveness and incompetence.

    So the only way he can campaign is by smearing others. What a disgrace. Pablo, Frank, Acosta, Roque are all cut from the same cloth. West New York deserves better.

  42. Jackie Melendez via Facebook

    I don’t judge anyone my son! But what true is true! And you can put whatever you want on here! I know what’s true! Just very sad that you guys knowing everything I did as A mother turned out the way use did! And ya I owe CS but so does the whole world don’t make me a bad person! As far as that other stuff you talking don’t know what u r talking about but it’s not your fault you are brain washed!

    1. Paul

      if i can give you some advice this isn’t the place to argue with your mom…it is quite sad that a son and daughter speak about the woman that gave them birth with such disgust…while you may have issues with her at the end of the day she is your mother…what happened between your parents is their business and its sad that they involved you and your siblings in the drama. I wish you luck in the future and I hope you learn to not talk to a woman the way you did especially your own mother…I hope that your father receives counseling for his past this is not the first time this is known about Hector…he was arrested several times for assault while he worked in housing…i find it shameful that you choose to take sides between two parents…

  43. Why now 217

    3 days till Election Day and now she wants to come out? Come on!!!!!!! That’s a little hard to believe.

    1. Rasist cartoons
    2. Now a ex wife who now all of a sudden comes out with an accusation right before the election.

    This is a little much, but I wouldent dismiss the idea that Roque or his team is behind this “new found need to speak out”. This is the same guy who illegally terminated tons of workers, got involved in a police IA affair (Acosta), tried to take over the BOE illegally, etc. roque and/or his team is scum

    1. Paul

      Would it have mattered when she came out? it would have been worse if he was actually elected because then he would have to resign…you are comparing apples to oranges…you must have a twisted mind if you are comparing “taking over the BOE illegally” to a woman being beaten to a pulp…please seek guidance with life you desperately need it. On another note it is actually not rare for a woman who has been victim to domestic violence to wait years to speak out…that is something that most women keep bottled up inside of them due to fear…if you had someone that would beat you daily i believe you would as well think twice before coming forward in fear for your own life. I for one am very glad she spoke out because it shows the community exactly who this man is…any man that puts his hands on a woman is not a man period i seriously hope that this is being looked in to and I pray that it wasn’t swept under the rug by the police…

    1. Paul


      This has nothing to do with Roque or Fonseca…put politics aside and understand that this is a very important issue that needs to be looked into. Would you have preferred she wait until after the election? God forbid this man was elected and this information came out..he would have been forced to resign with such serious accusations…i hope hector seeks help for his anger management…

  44. William Rodriguez via Facebook

    It’s funny , how this video came out right before election. Definetly, staged. Money is the root of all evil. I know Hector Hernandez since I was a little kid. He is a great noble person who has custody of his kids. That right there tells you something as usually the mother gets custody.

  45. William Rodriguez via Facebook

    It’s funny , how this video came out right before election. Definetly, staged. Money is the root of all evil. I know Hector Hernandez since I was a little kid. He is a great noble person who has custody of his kids. That right there tells you something as usually the mother gets custody.

  46. Miguel

    William please refrain from commenting about other marriages till you get your own house in order. Isn’t your Wife carrying some Dominican dudes kid?

  47. Annie

    I strongly believe everyone on this thread should stop antagonizing these 2 children, it’s bad enough their mother exposed them to this.

  48. Dee WNY

    As I read and read it makes me sick to my stomach, I am not the one to take sides cause if you come for me you better come correct, So I’m going to say this..I would kindly appreciate it if the ones that are coming for those kids plz step off.. If the adults want to battle it out that’s on them, they are grown I’m sure they can handle it..so Paul and everyone else that are stooping so damn low to kick these kids back in like this, Shame on you. Imagine it was your child being lied on n drag through the mud, it’s gross to see grown people hating on these kids like this..Grow up.and the comments need to stop with them kids,they got nothing to do with this..

    1. Kevin Peralta

      They entered this discussion. They are fair game. They also are shown to have taken part in underage drinking. Quit sucking up to Wiley and Hernandez

      1. Dan Alvarez

        So Fonseca, kids are ‘fair game’. No wonder the HCDO thinks you are the scum of the earth and are hoping this will be your last and final hoorah in Hudson County.

        1. Kevin Peralta

          Yes kids that break the law (eg underage drinking), bullying others, etc., are fair game. By the way this is about WNY not Union City. It is of no concern to you.

          1. Dan Alvarez

            Wait that sounds a lot like your Column C group. From inducing underage girls to drink to take advantage of them to keeping workers fueled on marijuana, you really have assembled an all star cast in that street team of yours, Pablito.

  49. Kevin Peralta

    Everyone needs to judge what these delinquent children are saying in light of the photo that just came out showing underage drinking in the Hernandez house. No wonder they are supporting their sick father.

    1. Dan Alvarez

      Pablo Fonseca, you have well known and avid pot smokers working out of your Column C Team Roque HQ and you have showered them with board appointments and money. You have no moral compass and should be the last person on earth to be lecturing anyone on ethics.

  50. Dee WNY

    I will not do the back and forth thing here, so I will only say this my comment had nothing to do with politics at all, my comment was simply about grown people attacking kids…second I can give to shits about an election, I DON’T EVEN VOTE, NEVER DID NEVER,HAVE A NICE DAY ALL..

  51. Kevin Peralta

    Now Dan Alvarez, a resident of Union City wishes to put his nose into WNY politics. LOL! Dude, WNY is for WNYers. Keep your concern on Union City.

  52. Kevin Peralta

    The entire Column D is a joke. You have Wiley who is from North Bergen. You have Myrli who is from Newark. You have Hernandez, a serial abuser who hosts underaged drinking in his home. You have Bettancourt who moved here simply to run for mayor and has put his house on the market because he can see the writing on the wall. You have another North Bergen individual who drives the D van around. You have Dan Alvarez, a resident from Union City wishing to put his big nose into our affairs. You have an big member of the Wiley team who posted a flier in Rafael Cruz’s facebook page depicting Gabriel Rodrigez as “Apebriel” Rodriguez under a picture of an Ape. Enough of the outside influence. At least DeFino is a WNY resident who grew up here. We need to all make sure column D hits the road on Tuesday.

  53. Dan Alvarez

    You have Gabriel who just moved from union city to the Versailles in January. Cosmo and his wife who moved from north bergen to his parents house of all places, less than 1 year ago, Sue is still spending her nights in Fairview, and Roque stays either in Guttenberg and or clifton, but definitely not 5711 Jefferson. He shouldn’t have even been mayor to begin with, what with that fraudulent registration from the medical office transferring over to west new York just 3 months before the election. All the wny United candidates actually meet residency requirements. Your guy sucked so bad you had to import a team.

  54. Dan Alvarez

    So you were offended by Dave Rivera’s (a Dominican) depiction of Gabriel that you went after his brother just to upset him and his mother. Real class act. I don’t think he ever did anything personal when it came to your cousin demarys Gonzalez other than ask her to resign. I mean, how long has she been there and still didnt’t comprehend the meaning of autonomous, as it not being influenced by outside forces (you and the mayor). Was that so harmful? Not really.

  55. Dan Alvarez

    And Defino definitely should get top billing above all your candidates. Much smarter than your entire group. That’s why none of them wanted to show up to the forum.

  56. Kevin Peralta

    You are getting desperate Dan. But as I stated before you are not from WNY so who cares what you say. You will see on Tuesday your team will get a swift boot in the arse. It’s funny how people like you always claim a poster is someone else. Wrong. LOL! But that’s OK it’s humerus watching you make a fool of yourself. If Wiley thought Roque didn’t live on Jefferson street he would have filed a lawsuit. The fact is he does live in WNY as do all the Column C people. The column E people also live in WNY. Seems the only frauds are the people you support, Column D. But that’s OK you won’t be voting on Thursday anyway. All the column C people will be voting in WNY.

    1. Dan Alvarez

      Yeah OK Pablo. Sue has been observed staying at her place in Fairview for the last 3 weeks. But she’s old and no one wants to pick on her. And in case you missed some of the videos on wnywu, Roque was caught in Guttenberg, the same place he was living in during the 2011 election. You live in east hanover, which is 30 miles away, don’t think that a title makes you anymore wny than some guy from Union City. The illegitimate mayor has his mouthpiece and it isn’t a wny resident or a native. Your old line of attack is getting repetitive because you don’t have much else to fire back. By the way, Hilda Roque shouldn’t be voting in this election, because she doesn’t live in a medical office either.

  57. Dan Alvarez

    Pat would have mopped the floor with any of your candidates. Your team is so weak that it can’t even muster the courage to have a commissioners meeting. This never happens anywhere, except in the town that you help oversee. Shows how little control you have over this situation.

  58. Dan Alvarez

    Pablo, so Roque lives at 5711 Jefferson with his son, his wife, and his mother, in a 1 bedroom apartment? Only you could invent such an absurd scenario and pan it off as official.

  59. Dan Alvarez

    How dare you occupy the title of town spokesperson, when you live in east Hanover. As if that position takes any specialized skills that couldn’t be sourced within town. It’s understood the Mayor was and is an outsider. So i guess it makes sense, being that he doesn’t give a crap about the residents. Didn’t he say he was going to build a homeless shelter, once upon a time. Promises made, promises deferred.

  60. Kevin Peralta

    Who said I was a town spokesperson Dan? LOL! Still playing your stupid asinine games? You know the old internet ruse of saying a poster is someone else. You really are an idiot aren’t you? Like I said, I will be voting on Tuesday in WNY, you won’t. And here’s a prediction you can take to the bank. Column C is going to win.

  61. Dan Alvarez


    You already know that I do my homework and I went back over one year’s worth of comments and you gave yourself away.

    You can cut the charade and get back to your family. Good Luck with the election and keep up the slimy work.

    1. Dirty Dan

      I love how this loser has no idea of what he’s talking about lol go do some more research on where people live better yet go give mom a hug on mother’s day instead of spending your day trolling (good luck figuring out who I am)

  62. Kevin Peralta

    LOL! You are funny Dan. You think you know something but you don’t. Looks like the one who can cut out the charade is you. But like I said, I will be voting in WNY TUesday but you won’t.

  63. Dan Alvarez

    Lol dee. Who else has such a vested interest that he can’t stop yammering?

    Pablo is having an identity crisis. He thinks he’s going to vote in wny. Ok, you’re not Pablo, just his annoying alter ego that doesn’t want to give up and lose control over his award winning hit piece.

    I can do this all day and night. Let’s see who is the first to get to bed.

    In the meantime, here’s a little story I found in roselle, and it involves Alamo Insurance.

    Well, the good mayor found out that wny and the state were investigating Alamo and he took the roselle board to task. He asked, how in the world is that board paying 300,000 more in commission than with a standard broker of record. Needless to say, the board was embarrassed and promised never to do it again. The End.

  64. Dan Alvarez

    Pablo I hope you do try to vote in wny so that I can challenge it. That should make for an interesting story. Supetfly Pat Cullen made me his super challenger so I’ll be in and out, chatting it up with all the judges and earing all your food.

  65. Kevin Peralta

    Like I said, like the rest of the Column D crowd you are not from WNY. Enough said. Your team will lose on Tuesday and that’s the last we’ll hear from you clowns.

  66. Dan Alvarez

    Yeah 2 hours later still going at it Pablo. You must be worried sick. What if column c gets blown out? What will the headlines read? Roque should have stuck with Atabey Consulting?

    1. Dan Alvarez

      Raul that was corny, but what else would one expect from somebody that got caught out there on some BS. So which one is lying, you or Espinal? My guess is you’re the patsy.

  67. Kevin Peralta

    You know I’ve often wondered why idiots like you always think think they can get away with “oh you are this person posting under a fake ID”. Then again you do live with your mother don’t you? And talk about still going at it…. LOL! At least I live in WNY, you don’t.

    1. Kevin Peralta

      Yes, he is pathetic, isn’t he. Then again he is a supporter of Wiley and I would expect no more from that crowd. Poor little Dan Alvarez has been exposed as the fake he is. And if I see him trying to be a challenger I will report it to the police.

  68. Dan Alvarez

    Doesn’t cosmo live with his mother? So does sue? And Gabe until January? Even Roque? Seems like it’s pretty normal among your crowd. But of course you’re Pablo because now you’re getting a little upset that you’re being exposed?

  69. Dan Alvarez

    Pablo you live in a million dollar home in east hanover, just admit it. This is so sad of you. I would have figured you would move on, but you keep obsessing over your tar baby. Just let it go.

  70. Dirty Dan

    Wiley is from North Bergen he has his office there and his entire life…he just came to WNY like 4 years ago and even then he lives in North Bergen…how does a fake profile become a challenger?

    1. Dan Alvarez

      Hey Raul,

      How is it that you live with millionaire Juan Espinal and your wife? One of you is lying. Sorry to poopoo on the parade. So which one of you is lying?

  71. Charlie Rendon

    Dan Alvarez makes me laugh. I hope and his friend Nico keep posting because these guys are just funny as hell…

    He criticizes Pablo Fonseca for not having the skills to be the spokesperson of WNY. What skills does Myrly Sanchez have? She is Wiley’s administrative assistant, sucking $$$ out of this town for a job that requires no skills.

    Dorine is another person who has sucked so much money out of WNY. In another facebook page she posts that WNY pays for her healthcare. I wonder, as a taxpayer, why do we have to pay for her healthcare if she NO longer works for town?

    Dorine: your healthcare costs me, taxpayer, money. Get a real job, and buy your own health insurance. What entitles you to claim health insurance from West New Yorkers? You know it is not free, right?

    If you vote for column D get ready to see Dorine and Dan Alvarez working in city hall. A couple of clowns who this town needs to eject.

    1. Kevin Peralta

      Good points Charlie. Dan is a wanna be who wants to be a playa! He couldn’t do it in Union City and now is trying his hand in WNY. Only thing is no one is buying what that moron is selling. Also, good point about Myrli.

          1. Dan Alvarez

            I think Tommy leung definitely would take your team out, unassisted by me of course.

  72. Dan Alvarez

    I notice that all you outsiders have less than flattering things to say about Dorinne. This is why you guys will inevitably lose. You’re all a bunch of washed up hacks, struggling to find a way to turn off voters and keep the numbers low and favorable. It won’t work. I think Defino will get more votes than Roque.

  73. Dan Alvarez

    One thing is for sure. Town Hall is hoping Myrli gets elected and Fonseca gets his walking papers.

    You morons created a 20 million dollar liability and got nothing to show for it but a moldy building and lawsuits up the wazooo.

    WNY needs to be rid of you parasites.

  74. erica

    I just find it very hard to believe that, as this lady claims, EVERY police officer she spoke to throughout the years refuse to file a report against her husband.

    1. Incorporated

      You don’t know very much about law enforcement huh? They will do as there told. I’m sure they ran every encounter by a Sergeant or higher and if that person was Hernandez’s friend and he said “make this go away” there making it go away. There’s no such thing as “protect and serve” it’s all about “harass and scrutinize”. Protect and serve is a Union move from years ago. They have to justify that nice salary and even nicer pension.

  75. Incorporated

    Roque must have been her a hell of alot of money because she was either a really good actress or it happened. This is a Attorney General type situation as in the police not doing anything about it. There has to be hospital records of the concussion and her teeth getting knocked out. There were different times these episodes happened (if they did). She sure is believable but pay me enough and I’ll win a academy award. If this dude was a drug abuser and had guns there has to be others that know her story.

    1. Alex DuPont

      there are other that know
      A women from Georgia came forward that live in there building and said she had to. shelter her from him beating her
      And I agree she either a hell is an actress or IT HAPPEN

  76. Ricky Solares

    Now who am I gonna secretly meet up with when rumors of Roque not getting re-elected occur? No more dinners where big Hec puts me on his knee and he and Wiley promise me my door opening of facilities around town is secure.

  77. Sal

    Well Rick, I am sure in 4 years you’ll find a new knob to swallow. I do have a few questions though if you don’t mind.
    1. Did Wiley use Vaseline or did he just spit?
    2. Do you use a booster seat?
    3. Does your motorcycle come stock child size or did you have it custom made?

  78. Dante

    I’m sure Rick will land on his feet anyways. All he needs to do is take a ladder from BOE and use it at Coviello field to climb high enough to see over the grill and he can go back to flipping burgers and dogs. I heard he was making a killing. 😉

  79. Alex DuPont

    I hope they take that “L”
    With pride !!!!
    I hope those column (D)icks
    Can now move on and out with there sorry lame asses !!!
    I what I truly hope is that
    Mr. Hernandez gets what’s coming to him, Cuz we can’t FORGET THAT HE IS A WOMAN BEATER AND LIKES TO PARTY WITH UNDERAGE KIDS !!!!
    And as for Jacqueline Melendez a.k.a. Jacqueline Hernandez I want to thank you for your bravery and hope that you get to counseling and help that you need your very strong womanAnd I’m sure other woman were deeply moved by your bravery thank you 1 million times

  80. jae

    I wouldn’t believe anything detective Betancourt says. His son Steven is a drug addict that owes dealers money. Wen they go to beat him up, daddy (DT Betancourt) n. Pays the debt.

  81. Dante

    Is that a Betancourt wears or just a bad die. Holy crap. Did you see that entourage they had yesterday. They literally looked like criminals. There was some guy walking around in a grey suit who’s voice sounded like he smoked 1 carton a day. Then some whale driving around in a suburban like a wanna be mobster who was out of breath just getting in and out of the truck. He pulled up with some other loser with a headset on like he worked at Mcdonald s drive thru bald head with a cream blazer acting like pitbull I think it was their campaign manager. LMFAO He had a truck full of the Mexican version of the Gotti boys. They jumped out with hair all sprayed up. Unreal it was very entertaining to say the least. They had another group of kids ripping Roque posters off cars and blasting regatone. That music in itself has taken made Latin people regress. Well anyone out there wondering what it would take to lose and election. There it is. I did enjoy the flyer I inevitably found showing a bunch of kids drinking in the Hernandez home. Oh wait my bad Pablo you sly fox didn’t you pay Hector to incriminate himself. Rotfflll

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