WNY Commissioner Candidate Hernandez vehemently shoots down ex-wife’s accusations

“The allegations, they are 100 percent false. And to beat her… no, no.”

Hector Hernandez says he and his ex Jacqueline argued but no hands were raised in their marriage.

“We left or I would walk out or she would walk out,” he says. “Toward the end of the marriage I was barely home or she was barely home — and it was who had the kids. And we made the best of it until one of us finally walked out and we got divorced.”

When Jackie and Hector first got together they were kids with kids, she was 17 and he was 20.

“We were thrown into a relationship that we chose to have to make sure that our kids had two parents,” Hernandez says. “She stayed at home; I worked (two jobs). We traveled, we went out… we did anything like a normal family does.

“We were just getting to know each other and trying to raise children. I don’t think it was any different than any other relationship, maybe just a little bit more stressful because of our age.”

Hector thinks he has a good idea about his ex’s motivation behind these accusations right before the election.

“I was approached by the Mayor, Roque and he told me that he was going to make me an offer for a job,” Hernandez says. “This happened at the middle school and he had offered me a job to come with him and leave Commissioner Count Wiley.

“I told him that would never, ever happen and he told me this was my last chance – (because he has make offers before). But if I didn’t do it this time that he was going to put something together that was going to destroy my reputation in this town, forever.”

And Hector says Jacqueline is going through tough times financially.

“She calls to ask for money sometimes. I have a police report that she has charges by one of my children for identity theft. She also has another case that one of my children has to appear that the state is coming after her because she has identity theft with one of my children,” Hernandez says.

“And she’s also $4500 in the arrears with child support. So she has a warrant for her arrest right now in the town of West New York.”

Hector sees a complete disconnect here.

“For my oldest son’s birthday she had actually called me and we had spoken and she had invited me over to her home and telling us that we should all get together and squash all our problems and work together as a family.  So now this; this blew my mind,” Hernandez says.

According to Hector Jr., he was even more shocked than his dad by what his mom said.

“I live with my dad now and it’s obviously for a reason,” the 18-year-old says. “If he was a monster, like she claimed in the report I wouldn’t be here now for four years I’ve lived with him already. He’s never touched me before. If he would’ve, I wouldn’t look at him the same way.”

And the commissioner candidate says he holds no ill feelings towards his ex.

“She called recently because she had something stuck in her stove. If things were that bad… it just makes no sense,” Hernandez says. “And I’d still be here for tomorrow. No matter what she’s done at this point, if she needed something tomorrow, because of my children — I’d still do my best to help her out.”

About The Author

Jillian has a passion for news, giving voice to the voiceless and telling stories that make an impact. A New Jersey native, she spent the past two years as a multimedia journalist/one-man-band at WTAP-TV, the NBC affiliate in Parkersburg, West Virginia, where she covered everything from meth busts to fracking to the homeless to a young man struck by lightening. She was her news director’s “go to health reporter” and also covered many education and political stories. She frequently interviewed the mayors of Parkersburg, Vienna and Williamstown, WV and Belpre and Marietta, Ohio. She interviewed OH Gubernatorial Candidate Ed Fitzgerald and OH Congressional Candidate Jennifer Garrison, as well as WV Governor Earl Ray Tomblin and WV Senator Joe Manchin. Jillian was a regular fixture at the local police, sheriff’s departments, prosecutors’ offices and courthouses. Many looked forward to her ‘Mom of the Month’ series. Her story about two women who lost their children to heroin was widely recognized, along with her much loved piece on the Battle Against Cystic Fibrosis band camp. In her free time... Jillian enjoys yoga, working out, live music, spending time with friends on both coasts and the Mid-Ohio Valley. She also loves to connect with the community, so feel free to say hi if you see her around, shoot her an e-mail... jrisberg@hctvnj.com or follow her @JillianRis .


  1. Angel

    Really, good try dude. To say that the Mayor offered you a job and threatened you smear your reputation is a cop out and a try to point your finger at someone else. Whatever happened in your marriage happened way before Roque you excuse for a man. Man the hell up and say “hey I was young and made mistakes”, not blame the Mayor. This shows what a low life you really are by letting your own son bash his mother in the media. You have nobody to blame but yourself. What’s going to happen when the election is over, what attention are you going to get then.

  2. Mr. Politico

    Hector did what that CRIMINAL JACKIE MELENDEZ could not do. He showed the paperwork from the POLICE DEPT, showing JACKIE MELENDEZ is a crook and should be in JAIL. Looks like ROQUE surrounds himself with CROOKS ONLY. That is his M.O…And bravo for HECTOR JR. calling his CROOKED MOM a liar on National TV…They both have my full support even though we have never met . Again BRAVO !

    1. Kevin Peralta

      Why don’t you give them your support under your real name Mr. “Political”. Could it be because your real name would reveal exactly why you are supporting Wiley and Hernandez? The people of WNY will be sending Column D packing on Tuesday, and probably you as well. Have a nice trip out of town!

  3. John

    First of all MR.Politico who are you to Judge anyone. Anyone can go make a police report. That don’t prove nothing. Just a sad individual that would involve his kids in his mess. Maybe you were a woman abuser yourself so that’s why you would back a person up like that. I believe he is a liar and what happened to that woman was true. But everyone is untitled to their opinion

  4. naci

    ppl forget…I lived at 545 where hector worked for housing. He is a damn good liar and he did it today as well. I remember sitting in court with him trying to get a retaining order before a mediator and he was able to convince the mediator that I had a part and the end result was we were able to both get one. I did not care..as long as I had mine. Truth is it was all him. He just would not leave me alone. Every where I went…there he was. When ppl were looking he was sweetier than pie but when no one was looking he was a totally different person. I was glad he left to fla as I finally felt peace. Even with that paper I did not feel 100 percent safe cause I knew he had it out for me. I’m so glad I don’t live in wny anymore. Liar liar pants on fire. ..remember that hector…I used to say that to you all the time.

  5. Kevin Peralta

    Everyone needs to look at the photo showing underage drinking in his house and judge whatever he says in light of that. The man is a liar.

    1. michael

      as hector freind i have been freinds with hector a long time now and now this laying contunue to rise and this personal that i have with the sacry and kiss ass kid this is only the begainng iam not going to stop when i get my hands on him he made this a war and now is a war geroge you call me out and now iam going to knock you out and your teeth

  6. mercy

    How about he take a lie detector test to see if he is telling the truth. I mean he is the kne wanting a position in this town! And she admitted to owing child support…what happen to her constitutional right of innocent until proven guilty. If I were innocent..I’d make sure they all goes to jail for filing false allegations.

  7. Ill Will

    I’m not going to get into the he said, she said aspect of this, but the professional thing to do would’ve been to interview both sides on this for the same story as opposed to two different ones.

    1. mercy

      I agree will..but I think since hernandez wants to hold an entrusted position in our town…a lie detector test would be in order. He adamantly denies the allegations 100% so he should be willing to take a lie detector test not for prosecution but to show good faith and that he is in fact telling and truth. He said she said does nothing at this point!

    2. mercy

      What else could he say but no no..2 days before election. His result is to win the ppl but that’s the only thing that would do it for me and hopefully the rest of this town.he has nothing to lose and everything to gain if he is in fact telling the truth! I’ll even pay for it to save them money however I’ll put up $1000.00 that he won’t do it. He didn’t even address the cheating and who left. Not that it’s important but he only addressed that one part and was vague to the rest. Something tells me he’s a liar like the rest of them. And those kids should be ashamed the way they spoke to their mother. ask for a lie detector. .thats the only way!!

    3. mercy

      On point Rick!!! Share it. That’s right I remember him always using housing authority truck for his own personal use And paid for by town residents. I saw it in jersey city one time while working at courthouse for a case he was appearing for. They gave him free rent for years and paid for his cell phone too. I think now he has his son working there to get all the freebies wny can pay for. Sad!

    4. mercy

      What a shame they are just going to ruin this town! I’m not for roque…I used to be but some of his decisions made me unSure about him. But one thing is for sure…I hope this monster doesn’t get in. Send those kids for counseling. The things they said were disturbing. As their father..I would have made them delete what they said and made a formal apology to their mother and to the town of West New York for behaving in that manner. If they can all gang up and go against their mother…they will do it to you. Sickening!

  8. Rick

    Still don’t irraticate the fact you are always at the local pizzeria sniffing coke in the bathroom…lol we know better. The former police officer has no legs to stand on as well. Wasn’t there prostitution houses in town under his watch and what about that stolen car ring. You guys are so entertaining. I think its safe to say if I was one of those children it would be a real easy decision where to live. With a stuggeling mom or a dad that makes good money who can better provide for them. Lets not forget the fact, you make good money and lived off the backs of the tax payers of WNY while living in the housing buildings. I’m sure it was in your then spouses name so that they wouldn’t see your income and let another family that actually needed to live there have the apartment. You seemed to do good for yourself to raise campaign money off the backs of the WNY residents. You are like a cheap used car salesmen. Walking around town shaking hands with resident with no real changes to be made. That’s the issue no real debates or real changes only how many people,you know you can get to vote for you. Kinda of how you showed up for a dinners or 2 in the rec program but didn’t do anything for the kids. There are parents in town who have done more without any political agenda. No ones fooled. What happened to the days where politicians actually had pride?Where they had a college degree. Now a days all you need is a cheap suit suit, cheaper cologne really bad shoes and a cigar in your mouth like your a big shot. Disgraceful. If somehow you manage to fool enough ppl to vote you in you will surely dissappoint. Simply because you are just not educated enough. Last thing and it’s unbecoming to trash someone financial percdicament publically for child support knowing you make a lot more money then her. A real role model and good father wouldn’t need to try and humiliate someone and in same sentence state how you would always help them. If you have always done right by this women and your family show us. Go to the courts and tell the judge you don’t need the 4500 dollars. Obviously your a big shot now. How about helping her get some mental help with that money since you claim her story is all made up?

  9. Rick

    Hey, what interview you gonna do next Hector to prove your innocence to serving alcohol to all thise under age kids at your home. Pictures don’t lie bud. Thier all over town. The gigs up. Let me guess? Roque paid those children to come to your house and drink LMFAO

  10. Sal

    Wow well its easy to expose someone like him not because people are getting paid he’s just not to smart. Wileys even less intelligent running with people like this. Now I know why he is so close to Nicole. They both have very similar life styles. I think she has him by a few pounds but both obviously could care less about their appearance and even less about the children in town.

  11. Dan Alvarez

    Pablo Fonseca aka Kevin Peralta

    Don’t you ever get tired of being an Ahole? Wrong question. Here’s the one I really wanted to ask: How is it that you have so many out in the open, admitted pot smokers working out of the Column C headquarters and have the nerve to call anyone out on drug use? I get that you’re a pathological liar and all, but doesn’t it seem that sooner or later someone would call you out on that BS?

    Happy Mothers Day, fonsi. You certainly wrecked it for at least one family. Just another badge of honor between you and that mongolico of a doctor.

      1. Dan Alvarez

        Pablo Fonseca,

        You live in Newark which makes you even less relevant if you’re trying to give a geography lesson. And it’s not like the Mayor lives in wny, either. Or Sue for that matter.

  12. Sal

    Dan so your embracing it now ?lmfao.. 2 wrongs make a right? Wheres the clown Aughtabeincourt?
    Can’t wait to see his defense for the model citizen. ROTFLLL

  13. Exposer

    I can say the same about Hecs political agenda. Any real comments on the changes taking place If Hec were to steal a seat ? Besides giving jobs back to those who squandered the positions they were unqualified to have to begin with. I have heard nothing but..” we aren’t going to raise taxes” when the cost of living goes up you are forced to raise taxes. If u didn’t you would put both the Town and future of the town in deficit. I hear your gonna give jobs back to Dorinne and Nicole. Really? the same people responsible for stealing from the children’s programs. How could you give a position to a women still scheming off the town and collecting benifits as if they were still and employee? Let me walk around town with a pack of ciggs up my sleeve and steal maybe I’ll get a position too. Hey Hec is it true you are being strong armed by Nicole to give her the director of rec postion. I hear you owe her husband money. You know, the guy who sells drugs around town. There is already rumor Dorinne gonna be taken care of because she’s helped the Count secure and adress in WNY even though it’s clear he lives in NB. Anyhows for those of you yearning for evidence wait just wait to see of Big Hec follows through with his promises the paper trails and documents will be coming out of the woodwork to humiliate those responsible and to hold those accountable for your actions and upcoming promises. Can’t reveal the hand in full yet then you’ll be able to prepare yourself for your downfall. Tick tock

  14. No More Abuse

    shows the type of dad he is to let his own children bad mouth their mother on mother’s day…kids are never supposed to be involved…dad of the year to bug hec

  15. Alex DuPont

    All I wanna say is !!!!!
    Polygraph …..polygraph
    I will pay for misses cuz I kno she would do It and had already made arrangements. To get it done
    Now I ask is MR Hernandez ready for one, WILL HE DO IT !!! Does he need me to pay for it too
    OHHH and one last thing , HEY RICK
    as you see no ones talking about those
    Cuz the truth hurts , but like u said they’ll probably say … They were paid to drink by the C SIDE

    1. Dan Alvarez

      Pablo Fonseca,

      It’s all your fault that Roque is this low in approval ratings. You spent 3 years acting a fool and none of the experts can do anything to change that. Silvio should have gotten rid of you a long time ago.

    2. Dan Alvarez


      How do you distance yourself from the victim when asked to comment by Heinis, while running her video on the truck and claim no responsibility, when you had a flyer out days before the story was published? Does it pain you to tell the truth? Admit it, you such and have no positive ideas to offer wny, so you have no choice but to go negative. That 2.5 million dollar deficit is as much your fault as it is Roque. Poor Matthew Watkins having to suffer a fool when explaining to you how things operate under normal conditions. By the way, I knew you were a novice back in the Jan 28 2014 election, since you failed to produce an ELEC for both Mark and Maggy. Way overpaid and underskilled.

  16. Charlie Rendon

    Dan Alvarez is a joke. The Sanchez has offered him a job in town, and given that he makes no money selling houses (he is a lousy realtor), he is now trying to get a job in town with Wiley.

    You care about the truth: Ask Myrli if she has a college degree, ask her to show you her transcript. That woman is the biggest loser you can find in town. She is Wiley’s lady, and administrative assistant. Don’t you think that people in WNY deserve better?

    Dan: everyone in town knows that you dance for some coins. I am sorry to inform you that your master Myrli Sanchez will not win, and you have to continue being a lousy realtor.

    I am not politician, I am just a voter: attacking people makes your team score no points…

    1. Dan Alvarez

      Pablo i’m gunning for your job since real estate didn’t work out for me.

      How hard is it to make up Bovine Manure and play the role of charlatan? Piece of cake.

  17. Rick "Half Pint" Solares

    Look just because I am short and I buy my suits at El Bambi doesn’t mean what I have to say is unimportant. I open gyms, schools and fields and make over 100k per year. So please hear me out. Stop blaming Pablo or Roque and saying things like another low blow. If you didn’t have things to hide like beating your wife there wouldn’t be any low blows to throw. Please take the time to re-watch Mr. Hernandez’s video. He has all the tell tale signs of a pathological liar. He can’t sit still. He can’t look the camera in the eye. He gets excelled and louder as the interview goes on. He starts off by saying his wife committed identity theft, gets louder and says it a second time and by the time he’s saying she owes him money he’s yelling and out of breath. Something tells me if he gets that excelled explaining his side of the story he wouldnt of had all these peaceful arguments he described to where he just walked away Each time the police we called. I see him more of the type of using her head like a piñata. He shows a police report that proved absolutely nothing. No name, date etc could of very well been given to him by Betencourt. Hey which reminds me Mr. Betencourt didn’t your son have a skate shop on the corner or Park and 62nd which was a front for a Marijuana shop?

  18. Paul

    Hey dee of Wny
    If it who I think it is
    That’s lives ova in housing buildings by 54
    I heard you and MR. Hernandez were good coke buddy back in the days
    Do u hangs out at the pizzeria to !!!

  19. Miguel

    Wow and wow… seems anyone that ran there mouths in these threads were sent packing. Willy R. New better then to speak again in fear his own dirt would come out. Former police guy quickly ran out soon as tales of what went on during his time as and officer in town. Dorinne went silent as soon as her card was pulled in regards to the money she is currently stealing from town. Hector can only say he didn’t beat his wife she just pulled this all from left field but refuses to take a lie detector. Dans spot just got blown up and reinforced by himself about the job he is desperately pursuing. Wake up WNY. Open your eyes. None of these people are what’s right for this town. You have and obigation to come out tomorrow and vote for column C to make sure we continue to go in the right direction as tax payers and parents. These people and there affiliates should be behind bars not in office. You won’t see these allegations against anyone on column C s ticket simply because they are better people. There isn’t any pedophiles, wife beaters, drug addicts or people taking advantage of the seniors or children’s programs. If there were they would absolutely be trashing anyone on Roque’s ticket. I urge you please come out and do what’s right and put and end to all of this. You owe it to the seniors who built this town and the children who are the future.

    1. Mr. Politico

      OMG! ROQUE NATION did not lied? You know, I’ve been studying the Anointed One ROQUE for quite some time now and I’ve developed a sure fire way to determine whether he’s lying to American citizens. It’s very simple, his lips are moving.

  20. Exposer

    Is Wife Beater Nation your preferred choice Mr. Politico ?
    We have so many to choose from now.
    In love with the coco?
    The administration without a plan?
    Guns in yo mouth nation?
    Happy Mothers Day?
    Shame the victim nation?
    It’s Dorinne not Doreen “who cares you thieving hypocrit”.
    Lines at the Pizzeria?
    Maurey’s kids that abuse their moms ?
    It’s ok to serve minors because column C has pot smokers?
    Live off housing authority in WNY and make bank as long as no one knows?

  21. Sal

    Does anyone know of she meaning D.A. has some shirts with sleeves or are they all cut off jeans and muscle shirts. I would take one look at her and know I needed to steer clear of this women in order to win an election. You don’t even have to know politics to figure that out. Smh Dan instead of badmouthing Pablo someone should have encouraged Wiley to find someone as smart to tell him the does and don’t s. If you guys win I’m moving out of West New York. For the lack of common sense the voters would have to have to vote you in. It’s got to be contagious. I don’t want any of my family members catching it.

  22. DEE WNY

    Hey Paul, are you that loser bitch everyone is talking about…Why dont you shut the fuk up already!! seriously what do you get out of this…Why you trying to bash so many people…Let me guess..your a women with 4 kids and no life right…Get a life girl…

    1. Paul

      what wife with four kids do I have
      U must not know me like I kno u
      But no worries keep dick riding with your buddy on the D side
      And all I can say about you

  23. Sal

    hmmmm only person I know who refers to women on the regular by calling them bitches is one of Defino’s boys. Thug coach, dead beat dad that posts very nice things on social media about his baby’s mommas. Same circle of people Nicole , wife beaters , derilics etc all the same.

  24. Destini

    Unreal. It is quite sad that everyone is easy to accuse and name call and talk about any wrong doings of anyone in Column C or D. Your comments are just as bad and maybe more. At the end, it is devastating that this is causing issues to a family. It is a he said/she said. To say a son won’t amount to anything….do you personally know him? mother scorned/tearing up her own family, sad and she may need help, accusing the family of what she states but clearly she needs money and help…..at the end of the day…..this is suppose to be about a family. What happens with family…its a private affair. So mind your business, keep your comments…let them solve this themselves. Don’t you dare talk about the children and just know it is a political war. No one will know the truth…only them. Believe what is best for your community. Sad. Crazy. We are all adults. Act like it.

  25. Exposer

    Lmfao you bunch of dirtbags. Real nice showing today attacking the mayors son. Well you can buy people and votes but class is another story. Not one of you on that ticket stole a seat. The people spoke today united. Hey Dorinne you better save some of that money you have been stealing and lawyer up. Next up ..Defatso.

  26. Sal

    I can only imagine the beating his ex wife is gonna catch in the coming day or so. They should park a unmarked car at her home for a few weeks. Our prayers are with her and her family.

    1. Alex DuPont

      I hope and pray
      A motherfucker would !!!!
      I got a four four waiting for who ever thinks they are brave enough !!!!
      PLEASEMake my fucking day

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